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The cosy Sils is located in the Swiss Graubünden. Tourists can expect a beautiful landscape that even David Bowie was affected by. Not only the beautiful panoramic view but also the location near the Swiss society hotspot St. Moritz can be convincing. For skier and snowboarder of every level the ski area Corvatsch will be more than convenient. A good infrastructure and attractive service stations such as the ski rental of INTERSPORT Rent help Sils/Segl Maria to be the fabulous winter holiday destination that it is today.

Sils stands out thanks to its beautifully idyllic landscape – famous visitors include Hermann Hesse, David Bowie and Friedrich Nietzsche. At heights over 1,800m, snow coverage is guaranteed. But that’s not all: this Swiss holiday destination entchants with charming details – such as the two car-free village centres.

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INTERSPORT La Fainera Sils/Segl Maria
Via da Marias 10
7514 Sils/Segl Maria, Engadin
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