At INTERSPORT Rent, you can get expert advice on snowboard equipment.
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Everything you need to shred the slopes


Snowboarding is more than a winter sport, it's a lifestyle – just like surfing, only in the snow. What do you need for a perfect snowboarding experience? First-rate equipment and great snow conditions, of course. The best place to rent your snowboarding gear is at INTERSPORT Rent.

Test the latest equipment on every day of your winter holiday and get personal advice from our RENTertainers ... That's all it takes to shred your way to happiness!

Snowboard rental at INTERSPORT Rent

Our snowboarding range includes everything you need to hit the slopes, the funpark or off-piste terrain.

3 clicks to reserve your equipment online

Three clicks and the latest snowboard gear is yours – at least for the duration of your stay in the most beautiful ski resorts in the world. Because that's exactly where you’ll find INTERSPORT Rent. There are more than 800 shops in a total of 14 countries in Europe and Canada.

Thanks to our quick and convenient online reservation system, you can start looking forward to your winter holiday as early as today. Just select your desired equipment for the planned duration of your stay.

Start the booking process ...
... and the countdown to pure snowboarding pleasure is on!

Snowboard know-how on the RENTertainer blog

At INTERSPORT Rent, you not only get first-rate equipment – but also a lot of expert knowledge and helpful tips on snowboarding. On the RENTertainer blog, our winter sports experts pass on their intel to you – special insider tips included. And of course, there are several die-hard snowboarders among them …

Would you like to brush up on your snowboard skills before the season starts? And you can't wait to finally put those nifty tips and tricks into practice? Do you want to impress your friends with your in-depth know-how on shredding? Nothing’s easier than that – with the help of INTERSPORT Rent, you’ll soon become a snowboard pro yourself!

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Finding the right snowboard is not as hard as you may think. We’ll tell you what to look out for and answer questions like:

  • What types of snowboards are there?
  • What role do length, flex, shape, and camber play?
  • How do I find the right board?

Good to know: If you have any doubts about your choice of board, the RENTertainers at our INTERSPORT Rent shops will be happy to help.

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Snowboard bindings

What elements or components is a snowboard binding made up of? What types of bindings are there? Which binding goes with which board? How do I find the optimal flex? What do I have to consider when mounting the binding?

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Snowboard boots

Do you want to know

  • what features and properties snowboard boots should have, 
  • how the padding of the boots affects power transfer,
  • what the difference is between soft and hard boots,
  • or which boot size is right for you?
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Snowboard helmets

Safety first! That’s the most important aspect when buying a helmet, but what else should you look out for? What do you need to consider regarding size, fit, materials and the type of helmet?

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Snowboard clothing

Not all snowboard clothing is the same. We’ll explain the differences, what is a must-have, and what’s nice to have when it comes to your snowboard outfit. We’ll even give you some styling tips for the slopes.

Become a snowboarding expert yourself!

Find out everything you need to know about snowboarding gear.