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A winter without skiing? No way! For many of us, the popular sport is just as much a part of winter as snow itself. And once the snow starts to fall, you only need the right equipment to kick off the ski season! Where to find that equipment? At INTERSPORT Rent, of course!

That’s where you can rent latest-generation skis at attractive prices, get expert advice from our RENTertainers and test top-class ski equipment tailored to your needs. With INTERSPORT Rent, every day of skiing has the potential to become the best day of the season!

Ski rental at INTERSPORT Rent

Our all-mountain range includes everything you need for a great skiing experience:

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All-mountain skis

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All-mountain ski boots

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All-mountain ski bindings

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All-mountain ski poles

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All-mountain clothing

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All-mountain ski helmets

Online reservation in only 3 steps

Three, two, one, and your favourite all-mountain gear is all yours – at least for the duration of your stay at one of the world’s best ski resorts! Because that’s where you can find our more than 800 INTERSPORT Rent shops in Europe and Canada.

Plus, you can also visit us online. Thanks to our quick and easy online reservation system, you can book top-class rental equipment for your ski holiday from the comfort of your home – it only takes three clicks! At the ski resort, you simply pick up your gear – and off you go to hit the slopes!

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Time to hit the slopes ...

... with the right all-mountain gear!

Expert knowledge on the RENTertainer blog

In addition to top-class equipment, we offer you heaps of expert knowledge on all things skiing. Check out our RENTertainer blog for useful tips and information by our ski and winter sports experts. After all, with the right kind of “snow-how”, finding the perfect equipment for your needs is even easier.

What does ski boot flex mean? When is it time to buy new skis for your kids? What’s the best way to transport your ski equipment? What’s better, renting or buying? How do you find the perfect ski goggles? How often do you have to wax your skis? Get the answers to these and more questions on our blog!

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All-mountain skis

Find the perfect all-mountain ski for your needs! Our experts will tell you what to keep in mind, for instance:

  • What makes a good all-mountain ski?
  • What should you know about waist width, rocker profiles and stiffness?
  • How do you find the perfect ski for your needs?

Any other questions? If you’re unsure what ski to get, our winter sports experts, the RENTertainers, are happy to help you find the perfect product.

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All-mountain ski bindings

Do you know how a ski binding works? How to mount it correctly? And what the Z value has got to do with it? Do you know which binding is right for you? Don’t worry – we have compiled the most important facts on ski bindings for you!

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Ski helmets

Does your helmet fit properly? What should you keep in mind concerning your helmet’s size, fit, design and product type? Discover more about ski helmets and pass on your knowledge about these essential safety devices!

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Ski boots

Would you like to know …

  • what properties your ski boots should have, 
  • what distinguishes individual products, 
  • why insulation and padding are important, or
  • which types of insoles there are?
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Ski clothing

Whether you feel good on the slopes is also down to the ski clothing you wear. We’ll tell you what to keep in mind when buying ski clothes, which boxes your outfit should tick, and what layering has got to do with it.

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Ski poles

When was the last time you went skiing without poles? Avid skiers know that skiing is simply better with poles. After all, they affect your performance on different levels.

What is the right length for ski poles, and which material is better: carbon fibre or aluminium?

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Expert advice from our RENTertainers

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5 tips for returning skiers

Can’t wait to hit the slopes again after a longer break? Check out the INTERSPORT Rent blog for some useful tips for returnees!
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