Cross-country skiing

The best tips for getting started
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Everything you need to know about cross-country skiing


It’s one of the most popular winter sports of the past years – and it’s a trend that’s definitely here to stay: cross-country skiing. And for a good reason! After all, there’s hardly a more rewarding way to combine exercise with breathtaking nature experiences. 

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or a nature lover: At INTERSPORT Rent, we have everything you need to enjoy your cross-country skiing adventures to the fullest. Discover the best rental equipment and great tips for getting started!

Cross-country skiing: the right equipment

Are you about to hit the cross-country trails for the first time? Or are you a seasoned cross-country skier looking for a new challenge? In any case, you need the right equipment to get the most out of your wintry exploits.

At INTERSPORT Rent, we have all the gear you need, from head to toe. The best thing about it: Renting is a great option for beginners as well as for more accomplished cross-country skiers. First-timers can try which equipment suits them best before buying. And seasoned skiers get the chance to put the latest products from their favourite brands to the test on a regular basis. A win-win situation!

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More about cross-country skiing

Discover everything about the necessary equipment and its maintenance on our blog.

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Cross-country skis

Whether you’re a fan of classic cross-country skiing or skating, we have a vast selection of cross-country skis from leading manufacturers. Our RENTertainers on site are true experts when it comes to picking out the right products for your needs. Performance-oriented classic skis, skin skis, skis with a structured pattern, skis you have to wax, skating skis, …

Our experts on site will kit you out for any cross-country skiing adventure you have in mind!

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Cross-country ski boots

No cross-country skiing outfit is complete without the right boots to go with your skis. At INTERSPORT Rent, you can find boots for classic-style and skating-style cross-country skiing as well as combi ski boots. What all of them have in common: They are tailored to the needs of avid cross-country skiers, providing comfort as well as stability for winter sports athletes of all skill levels.

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Cross-country ski poles

Aluminium poles. Composite poles. Carbon poles. Poles with cork handles. Poles with plastic handles. Poles for classic-style or skating-style cross-country skiing. You name it – we have it. With so many different poles to choose from, it’s a good thing you can count on our RENTertainers to help you pick the perfect ones for your individual needs.

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All kitted out

Unsure which skis or boots to get? Have a look at our article “Your guide to cross-country skiing equipment” first!

Cross-country skiing: The best tips to get started

Skis – check. Boots – check. Poles – check. Are you ready to head out to the trails? If it’s your first time on cross-country skis, you might need a little more than that. For instance: Some useful tips to get you started!

From getting fit for the trails to the FIS rules for cross-country skiing – in our article “Cross-country skiing: a beginners’ guide” you can find everything you need for your first cross-country adventure.

The good news: For extra tips and recommendations, you can always ask our RENTertainers on site. They know the local cross-country ski trails like the back of their hand and advise you which of them are perfect for newbies.

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