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Leisure ski tourers love to hike through the snowy winter landscape on touring skis. Adrenalin junkies are looking for fresh powder off-piste and are happy to accept a few extra grams in equipment for action-packed downhills. And then, of course, there are the ambitious summit conquerors who leave metre after metre behind them at a tearing pace.

Whichever type of ski tourer you are, whether you are more ascent-oriented or rather focus on the downhill – you will find the right ski touring equipment at INTERSPORT Rent.

Ski touring equipment at INTERSPORT Rent

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Lightweight equipment for ascent-oriented ski tourers

Low weight in every respect – that’s what matters most to ascent-oriented ski tourers. To reach the summit as quickly as possible, it's best to choose touring skis with a centre width between 72 and 82 millimetres and a weight between 800 and 1,100 grams per ski. Combine this with a light pintech binding and ascent-oriented touring boots with a maximum weight of 1,300 grams per boot – and you’re all set!

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Powerhouses for more ski touring fun on the downhill

If you want maximum downhill performance, you also have to accept more weight. Choose touring skis with a centre width of at least 95 millimetres and a weight between 1,300 and 1,700 grams per ski for maximum freeride fun. To go along with them, opt for downhill-oriented pin bindings or more stable frame bindings with a high Z-value as well as robust and stiff touring boots with three or four buckles.

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Turbo-charged ski touring equipment

If you like to go fast, touring skis with a centre width of 65 millimetres, a length of 151 or 161 centimetres and a weight between 650 and 800 grams per ski are ideal for you. Complemented with a light pin race binding weighing less than 130 grams and weight-optimised ski touring boots with a maximum of 850 grams per boot, this equipment lets you move up the mountain at top speed.

For pure ski touring pleasure

If you just want to enjoy the fresh winter air and time is not of the essence to you, then go for the all-round equipment. Touring skis with an average width between 82 and 85 centimetres and a weight between 1,200 and 1,400 grams per ski will keep you reliably on track. In touring ski boots with more than two buckles, you get to choose between pin bindings with a high Z-value or frame bindings.

All about ski touring

The following equipment completes your gear:

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Ski touring clothing: stylish and functional

A breathable, moisture-wicking and fast-drying base layer, an insulating mid layer and a protective shell layer – et voilà, you’ve got your ski touring outfit. The advantage of the proven onion principle (also known as layering): You won't arrive at the summit drenched in sweat after a demanding uphill, and you thus reduce the risk of catching a chill on the downhill.

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Safety first: with avalanche equipment in your backpack

Whether it's a fast ascent or a rapid descent – safety always comes first on a ski tour. After checking the weather and planning your tour in detail, you should pack your avalanche backpack and attach an avalanche transceiver to your body. You can find a probe, shovel and everything else you need for a complete avalanche set at INTERSPORT Rent.

A smart combo: ski touring and avalanche sets

If you not only like to take it easy on ski tours but also prefer to leave the choice of equipment to the experts, then it's best to go for ready-made sets. INTERSPORT Rent offers both ski touring sets and combination packages consisting of an avalanche transceiver, avalanche probe and avalanche shovel.

Where can you find us? At the 800 or so INTERSPORT Rent locations in the most beautiful ski resorts around the world. Our RENTertainers will help you pick your gear, from head to toe – or rather, from your touring skins to your helmet.

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