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Ski rental in Blatten bei Naters: Ski, helmet and boots

Everything you need for your skiing vacation

Do you like gingerbread? The atmospherich brown wooden houses in the winter in the Swiss Blatten bei Naters will remind you of that when they are covered in snow. Located at the Aletschglacier enchants the resort with its village charme and the numerous opportunities in wintersports which are awaiting you in its surrounding.

2 INTERSPORT rental shops found in Blatten b. Naters
Location: Chiematte, 3914 Belalp
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Blatten b. Naters
Location: Talstation, 3904 Blatten b. Naters
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Whether you are a beginner or experienced in skiing and snowboarding will Blatten bei Naters give you the perfect place for wintersport for every skill level. You can enjoy your skiing passion on 20 kilometers of pistes each at the blue, red and black downhills on the Belalp. You will find the right equipment on the spot at the ski rental by INTERSPORT Rent in Blatten bei Naters. The Team of wintersport experts will answer all of your questions.

You won't find this a lot: a ski area which offers winter sports with every skill set the same. The ski area of Belalp ranges from 1,300 up until 3,110 meters. Skiers and snowboarders can ski on 20 kilometers of pistes each in every degree of difficulty. All-in-all you have got 60 kilometers of varying ski runs - for exempel die "Häx unten", the most beatiful ski run for skilled winter sports.

Ski rental in Blatten bei Naters: Safety offside the pistes as well

Experience the endless freedom while skiing down the pistes of the Walliser mountain world. You will have lots of fun skiing in Wallis - on prepared pistes or off-piste. With 160 meters the ski tunnel at Hohstock is the door to an own little freerider, snowboarder and deepsnow lovers world. Safety first: at INTERSPORT Rent in Blatten bei Naters you can find the needed equipment for safety. Rely on the competent service of our teams and convince yourself of the advantages:

  • free change of rent-ski models (in the same range)
  • let your binding be testet by newest test equipment and let it configurated
  • hygienic rent equipment through most modern dry procedures

Even the little ones are well equipped with INTERSPORT Rent

Our younger guests awaits the Swiss Snow Kids Village with cute fairy-tale-figures. The magic carpet brings children safe to the next hill, here they can pracitice their first verves in the snow. The most fun for children is with adequate skiers - at INTERSPORT Rent in Blatten bei Naters the child-friendyl and kompetent Team assists you with the right choice for the best ski-equipment for your kids.

Facts and USPs

"Witches-downhill": yearly Swiss ski racing

Located at Europe's longest glacier

Valley run and sled trail connect the mountain station Belalp with the valley station