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INTERSPORT Rent: Best equipped for the ski resort of your choice

Ski and snowboard tuning at the ski rental of INTERSPORT Volken Sport Fiesch/Fiescheralp

A picturesque paradise with impressive panorama, that´s what tourists can find in Fiesch and on the Fiescheralp. Nevertheless, endurance is gladly proved here: The Swiss region allows winter sports of all kinds. You can be properly equipped at the ski rental of INTERSPORT Volken Sport Fiesch / Fiescheralp - with carving skis, snow blades, telemark and cross-country skis and snowshoes.

Volken Sport Fiesch & Fiescheralp

INTERSPORT Volken Sport Fiesch / Fiescheralp
Haus Rondo im Dorf, Fiescheralp im Skigebiet
3984 Fiescheralp, Swiss

Phone +41 27 971 16 14
Fax +41 27 971 26 48

e-mail website
Opening hours
08:15 - 17:15
08:15 - 17:15
08:15 - 17:15
08:15 - 17:15
08:15 - 17:15
08:15 - 17:15
08:15 - 17:15

You can demonstrate sportsmanship on numerous levels during your winter holiday on the Fiescheralp: Not only alpine skiing is very popular here, also an array of other winter sports, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing or the ski trend telemarking is offered. Professional tuning of your winter sports equipment is provided at the ski rental of INTERSPORT Volken Sport Fiesch / Fiescheralp.

Mainly enjoyable recreational athletes feel comfortable on the picturesque slopes on the Fiescheralp. And even more varied runs are accessible for you, due to connections to Bettmeralp and Riederalp. Remember: Safety already starts before putting on your winter sports equipment. Therefore, your equipment is set and tested by modern facilities. The INTERSPORT Rent team informs you in detail about what is required on your ski holiday and provides you with essential safety tips.

INTERSPORT Rent on the Fiescheralp: Modern accurate tuning for skis and snowboards

You can find excellent equipment for sale or rent and functional winter clothing that guarantees that you wont sweat or freeze at the ski rental of INTERSPORT Volken Sport Fiesch / Fiescheralp: Ski jackets and pants adapt optimally to the winterly coldness and your sportive workout. The trained team at INTERSPORT Rent consists of real professionals who are specialized in repairs and maintenance of your equipment: Your skis and snowboard are brought back into shape In the modern tuning center with grinders of latest technology.