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Winter sports fun in Radstadt

The family ski resort in Ski amadé

The Radstadt-Altenmarkt ski resort is small, charming and simply beautiful. It’s particularly popular among families and those new to skiing or snowboarding, offering something special for every member of the family. Beginners can build confidence and skill on the gentle blue ski runs, while the youngest skiers enjoy a visit to the enchanting world of Fichtelland. Here, amidst magical creatures and exciting adventures, children are reluctant to part with their skis, eagerly tackling the kids’ run and honing their abilities on the slalom course.

Top services at the ski resort

Lacking experience and the right gear? In Radstadt, that’s no problem at all. Before you venture onto the slopes, just stop by one of the INTERSPORT Rent shops located right in the area. That’s where winter sports enthusiasts of all ages can find high-quality equipment perfectly suited for their first forays into skiing or snowboarding.

Once you’re all kitted out with the perfect gear, you’re ready to hit the slopes – or perhaps, first, the ski school. Catering to complete beginners as well as those revisiting the sport after a hiatus, the ski school’s professional instructors offer a variety of lessons tailored to different skill levels. And before you know it, you’ll find yourself gliding down gentle slopes with ease and tackling the more challenging runs with confidence.

Would you like to give ski touring a try? Good idea! Radstadt-Altenmarkt boasts routes ideally suited for beginners, offering a safe and inviting introduction to this winter sport.

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Ski rental in Radstadt

Your INTERSPORT Rent shops at the ski resort

Whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding or ski touring: Having high-quality equipment has a huge impact on how much you enjoy your snow sports activities. That’s precisely why the INTERSPORT Rent shops in Radstadt stock the latest gear for your adventures, all conveniently available for rent.

Renting equipment is not just convenient – it’s also cost-effective, especially when it comes to children’s skis or snowboards. Given how quickly kids grow, the option to rent means you can avoid the expense of purchasing new winter sports gear after every growth spurt. Instead, you can simply hire the right-sized models, ensuring your young ones are always equipped with the best fit for their skills and build.

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Skiing in Radstadt

More about the ski resort

The Radstadt-Altenmarkt ski resort, located within the expansive Ski amadé winter sports area, is a paradise for families, particularly those with younger children. Its beginner-friendly ski runs create an ideal environment for newcomers to the sport. But there are also downhill sections for more advanced skiers. Here’s an overview of the diverse slopes:

  • 9.2 km of blue runs, ideal for beginners,
  • 7.5 km of red runs, offering a moderate challenge,
  • 0.6 km black downhill run, for those seeking an adrenaline rush

If you want to tackle the black run, the ski schools are happy to provide professional instruction. Just sign up for lessons – and you’ll be a proficient skier in no time!

For professionals, families & children

One of the many reasons children love the Radstadt-Altenmarkt resort is the cute Fichtelland. This ski playground is populated with magical figures crafted from spruce cones and features a kids’ run complete with thrilling obstacles and a challenging slalom course.

A relatively new addition to the resort’s attractions is the Skimovie timed run. This innovative feature allows friends and family to engage in exciting downhill races, capturing their performances on camera.

After a day filled with winter sports excitement, you’ll have worked up quite an appetite. But don’t worry! The resort caters to this with a variety of child-friendly ski huts scattered across the area, serving up regional delicacies to satisfy the hunger of the whole family.

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© INTERSPORT International Corporation GmbH

What’s waiting for you in Radstadt?

  • 18 kilometres of ski runs
  • 7 lifts and cable cars
  • Fichtelland children’s area for young visitors
  • 6-kilometre sledging run
  • winter sports fun from December to the beginning of April

Skiing in Radstadt is right for you if ...

... you want to spend a relaxing day skiing with your family.

... you are completely new to winter sports.

... you appreciate special highlights for children.

... the culinary offers are important to you as well.



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In case you find yourself with spare time and energy left after your adventures on the slopes, a sledging excursion with the family comes highly recommended. As dusk falls and the floodlights come on, you can hop on a sledge and swoosh down the mountain. And the best part: There’s no need to expend any energy on the climb – the cable car whisks you right up the mountain and takes you to the starting point of the sledging run.

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