Philippe Moreau
Jan 28, 2024

Complete guide to snowboard servicing

Discover key information on snowboard servicing, including details on the services provided, duration and costs.
Marietta Hoffmann
Jan 21, 2024

Selecting the perfect snowboard for kids

At what age can children start snowboarding, and which snowboard length is best for them?
Martin Bieswanger
Jan 17, 2024
Cross-country skiing

A guide to waxing your cross-country skis

What are the benefits of regularly waxing your cross-country skis, and how is it done? Read our guide and find out how to wax your cross-country skis!

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Are you looking for an extra dose of snow-how, i.e. expert knowledge on winter sports? Then you're in the right place! The INTERSPORT Rent online magazine has lots of helpful tips for skiing and snowboarding in store for you. What's more, you'll also find great advice on renting or buying equipment. Our RENTertainers are happy to pass on their expertise and passion for winter sports in the articles they've written. That's knowledge you can put into action. That's snow-how.

Here we go! Get first-hand tips on finding the best equipment. Receive the answers to your most burning questions on current winter sports topics. Familiarise yourself with the latest ski and snowboard trends, and discover your love for the snow!

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All about ski socks

The best products to keep your feet warm and toasty: Find out everything there is to know about ski socks with INTERSPORT Rent and FALKE!
© MDV / Marco Eydallin / Alice Russolo Ski touring
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How to choose women’s touring skis

Do you want to take up ski touring or need a new pair of skis? Read all about touring skis for women!
© Salomon Ski
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How to find the perfect pair of ski trousers

Keep your legs warm and dry on the slopes: Find out all about ski trousers and their most important qualities!
© Oakley Ski
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How to prevent snow blindness and protect your eyes

Protect your eyes in the mountains: Find out about snow blindness and how to prevent it with INTERSPORT Rent and Oakley!
© Louis Garnier Ski
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Buyers guide for ski jackets

Can’t wait to hit the slopes this winter? Check out our buyers guide for ski jackets before heading out into the snow!
© Mammut Archive Ski touring
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How avalanche backpacks work and what to look out for

Stay safe in the mountains and find out all there is to know about avalanche backpacks!
© Au fil des Lumières Ski
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Functional insoles for your ski boots

Making your ski boots even more comfortable is easy: Find out all about functional insoles and their benefits!
© Rossignol / Steff Cande Ski
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Winter sports trends for 2022

Become a trendsetter on the slopes! On the INTERSPORT Rent blog, you can find the latest winter sports trends for the 2022 season.
© Helly Hansen / Cam McLeod Freeride
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Freeride jackets for maximum off-piste fun

Are you looking for a high-quality jacket for your next freeride adventure? Read the INTERSPORT Rent blog to find out what makes a jacket perfect for use in the backcountry!