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How to choose women’s touring skis

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Ski touring is one of today’s most popular winter sports. It has long ceased to be only something for “tough guys”. More and more women like to skin up slopes and mountain faces. Consequently, there is also an increasing demand for women’s ski touring setups.

Are you a female outdoor enthusiast who has fallen in love with ski touring? Or would you like to take up the sport this winter? Then it’s time to find out more about touring skis for women! Together with the guys from Völkl, INTERSPORT Rent has compiled some useful information on how to choose women’s touring skis. Go girls!

What should I look for in a touring ski set for women?

Actually, the demands on women’s touring skis aren’t that different from those of their male counterparts.

© MDV / c.Pally Learmond
© MDV / Ma.Fia.Photography / Alice Russolo / Pierre Lucianaz

Before getting a new pair of skis, think about the following:

  • Sustainability: The natural environment is a key element of ski touring. Take a minute to think about how sustainable you want your skis to be!
  • Weight: Depending on your preferred type of ski touring, your skis should match your user profile in terms of weight.
  • Skin handling: Look for skin attachment systems that allow for a simple, unidirectional and flexible handling of the skins.

Another important factor when choosing a ski touring setup for women is your preferred activity. Are you more interested in long, challenging ascents or in the downhill part of ski touring? Do you want skis that can also handle traditional on-piste skiing?

My focus is on …

... challenging ascents.

  • Go for ultralight, narrow skis that make it easy for you to skin up a mountain for several hours. We recommend skis with a waist of less than 85 millimetres and a maximum weight of 1,100 grams per ski.
  • Our top pick: Völkl’s Rise Up 82 W.

… action-fuelled descents.

  • Choose a mid-fat or fat free-touring ski with a waist size of about 90 to 100 millimetres, and a slightly higher weight of about 1,400 grams. Due to their width and stability, these skis make it more fun to swoosh down the mountain.
  • Our top pick: Völkl’s Blaze 94 W.

… off- and on-piste action.

  • Look for a versatile touring ski setup that is suitable for both slope and backcountry skiing. Go for a waist of around 85 to 89 millimetres, a weight of under 1,200 grams and a flat tail, giving you good floatation and manoeuvrability.
  • Our top pick: Völkl’s Rise Above 88 W.

What are the differences between touring skis for men and women?

Having said that the demands on touring skis are largely the same for women and men, you might wonder whether special products for women are even necessary.

In times of gender equality, many brands have stopped making a difference between men’s and women’s products. For instance, Völkl’s philosophy is to offer exactly the same properties for women’s skis as for unisex models. While functionality and performance are the same for both categories, women’s skis only differ in terms of graphic design and colours.

Other factors to keep in mind: Women tend to have smaller feet and a narrower last. That’s why many of them – even those with very advanced skiing skills – opt for narrow-waisted skis, as they are easier to manoeuvre. What’s more, since women often weigh less than male skiers, women’s skis are usually lighter to make them easier to carry.

© MDV / Ma.Fia.Photography
© MDV / Ma.Fia.Photography

What is the rule of thumb for women's touring skis in terms of size and width?

Choosing the right length touring ski is less a question of gender than a question of what type of skier you are. Whether you should go for skis that are shorter or longer than your height, largely depends on your preferred terrain.

My focus is on …

… the ascents. Your skis should be about 10 cm shorter than your height.

... the descents. Your skis should be about the same height as you.

… classic ski touring. Your skis should be 5–10 cm shorter than your height.


You’re only getting started and don’t want to shell out on a ski touring setup just yet? No problem! At INTERSPORT Rent, you can find a vast selection of touring skis for rent – for women and men.

The best thing about it: Our RENTertainers know all about ski touring and will gladly adjust your rental skis to your individual needs. Plus, did you know that we also offer other great ski touring products for rent, ranging from helmets to clothing?

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