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Everything you need to know about ski socks

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They are your best weapon against cold toes: high-quality ski socks. And they even come with added benefits! Did you know that the right choice of ski socks can affect your performance on the slopes?

That’s why it pays to choose high-quality ski socks that make your day in the snow even better. But what makes high-quality ski socks? And which materials should you look for? Find out in our buyer’s guide for ski socks – brought to you in collaboration with the winter sports experts of FALKE!

First things first: Can I make do without ski socks?

Maybe you could – but you shouldn’t! Often sadly underrated, ski socks can make a world of a difference. Considering that good-quality ski socks help you enjoy your time in the mountains to the fullest, they are just as important as any other item of your base layer.


What are the benefits of ski socks?

Obviously, comfortable feet are crucial to your skiing experience.

Good ski socks …

  • … keep your feet warm.
  • … keep your feet dry.
  • … don’t bunch up like normal socks.
  • … offer optimal control and direct power transmission.
  • … have extra cushioning to protect against boot pressure.

Did you know? FALKE socks like the FALKE SK2 or FALKE SK4 have extra padding in all areas with potential pressure points: the soles, the shins, the ankles and the heels. This ensures maximum protection and comfort.


What materials should ski socks be made of?

Most ski socks for adults and children are made of (merino) wool or synthetic fibres. Both materials have their advantages:

Merino wool …

  • … retains its warmth when wet.
  • … is naturally odour resistant.
  • … has excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Synthetic fibres …

  • … are less expensive.
  • … offer great moisture-wicking capabilities.
  • … have great thermal properties.

Did you know? For their ski socks, FALKE uses a combination of moisture-wicking polypropylene and moisture-absorbing merino wool. Their racing socks feature insulating silk for maximum warmth.

What should you keep in mind when buying ski socks?

  • Fit: It’s important to make sure that your socks fit just right. If you buy socks that are too big, they will bunch up inside your boots and cause pressure points. If you buy them too small, they will restrict blood flow to your feet.
    • Our tip: If you’re in between sizes, go for the smaller size to prevent the socks from bunching up. Ideally, try on ski socks together with your ski boots.
  • Breathability: Sufficient ventilation is important to keep your feet dry. Make sure to get highly breathable socks with excellent moisture-wicking properties to ensure that your sweat is not trapped within the sock.
  • Thickness: Thicker socks aren’t necessarily warmer, as they can restrict circulation. Rather go for a good-quality, thin sock, especially if you have a custom fit boot. In this case you should choose a product like FALKE SK4 socks or higher.

A few more tips …

  • How often should you wash/change your ski socks? With FALKE socks, it’s no problem to wear them for three days in a row. Their special material blend prevents them from getting smelly.
  • How many pairs of ski socks should you pack for a week of skiing? Two to three pairs of good-quality ski socks should last you for a week on the slopes.
  • How should you wash your ski socks? Machine-wash your ski socks using the wool setting. Use a delicate or wool detergent. Alternatively, you can wash them by hand while on ski holiday. Don’t tumble dry your ski socks!


Good-quality ski socks are only one item on your outfit list. Do you have all other must-haves for a great day in the snow? 

If not, you should drop by at an INTERSPORT Rent shop near you. Our RENTertainers will be happy to show you around our vast selection of rental gear, ranging from top-quality skis and snowboards to helmets, poles and clothing!

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