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Warm feet, more fun

Everything you need to know about heated ski socks
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Just imagine: It’s a bluebird day, there’s plenty of fresh powder, and you’re planning to hit the slopes all day long. The downside: Temperatures are freezing, and your toes soon start to feel like ten little ice cubes attached to your feet. Sounds familiar?

Fortunately, there are some great winter sports accessories that make this scenario a thing of the past. Have you ever heard of heated ski socks? Whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding or any other winter sport, these little helpers keep you warm and toasty in the snow – allowing you to enjoy your outdoor adventures without any ice cubes (apart from those in your celebratory after-ski drink).

You don’t know much about heated ski socks yet but would like to find out more? Then we’ve got good news for you: We have compiled some useful information on heated ski socks. Here we go!

What are the advantages of heated ski socks?

Maybe you’ve already read our article on heated gloves, in which we told you that your fingers receive less blood flow than the rest of your body. The same is true for your feet and toes. This makes them more sensitive to temperature variations. When it’s cold, your feet can reach a temperature of as little as 28 degrees Celsius (as opposed to your body’s usual 37 degrees core temperature). To re-establish this core temperature, your body’s regulation system kicks in.

When you start to feel cold, pain signals are sent to the brain – and more than 90 per cent of your energy will be used to warm up the affected body parts. The result: shivering, reduced muscle power and decreased endurance. In fact, without heated socks, 75 per cent of your muscle power and endurance are lost.

Unlike standard ski socks, heated socks instantly deliver the required heat to critical areas, causing the shivering to cease and stimulating blood flow. The result: You’re back at full physical and muscular strength. And this not only means better performance and more fun but also a reduced risk of injury.

© Thermic / Loic Schutz
© Thermic / Loic Schutz

How do heated ski socks work?

Heated ski socks are fitted with hidden heating elements, providing optimum heat distribution to the entire foot. Depending on the model, the heating elements are either at the front instep of the foot or all over the sock.

With many models, you can adjust the heat level of the socks at the touch of a button. Some even offer special apps to monitor and adjust the heat setting of your socks in real time on your mobile phone.

When it comes to materials, most heated socks are made of cotton, wool and synthetic fibres. They usually boast three layers:

  • bottom layer to keep your feet warm
  • middle layer with wires
  • breathable upper layer to wick away moisture

What should you look for when buying heated ski socks?

Shopping for heated ski socks is about more than just choosing your favourite colour. When you invest in a pair of heated socks, keep in mind the following:

Heated socks should …

  • … be warm. 
  • … be comfortable.
  • … feature long-lasting high-performance batteries. 
  • … be suitable for your preferred activity and intensity level.
© Thermic / Loic Schutz

By the way ...


Children are often particularly sensitive to the cold. And as we all know: When the little ones stop having fun, your ski day is over. To ensure great family days in the snow, we have compiled some useful information on ski socks for kids.


You’ve got yourself a new pair of heated ski socks and can’t wait to hit the slopes? Sounds good! But are you sure you’ve got everything else you need to stay warm and toasty in the snow?

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