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Keep your hands warm in any weather – with heated ski gloves!

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Warm hands at the push of a button. Sounds like magic? It’s not! Thanks to heated gloves, you can keep your hands warm even when temperatures are freezing out there on the slopes.

You think normal, insulated ski gloves will do just fine? If you’re not prone to cold hands, that might be true. But for some of us, a little extra heat can make a world of a difference when you want to enjoy a long day of skiing or snowboarding.

So what are the main benefits of heated gloves? How do they work, and which products are worth their money? Together with the experts of Therm-ic, we have compiled a few important facts on how to keep your hands warm with heated gloves.

Who needs heated gloves?

As mentioned above, heated gloves are particularly suitable for people who get cold hands easily. However, they can also come in handy for the rest of us in freezing temperatures or harsh conditions.

After all, our fingers are particularly sensitive to the cold. That’s because they are slim, with virtually no fat or muscles, and therefore receive less blood flow than the rest of our body. Hence, without any protection of insulation, you’ll soon feel pain when your fingers are exposed to the cold.

The solution: Heated gloves give you what nature can’t. They gently warm your fingers using external heat, restoring the necessary blood flow.

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What types of heated gloves are there?

Basically, there are two types of heated gloves:

  • chemically heated: Disposable, air-activated heating packets will heat up in the pocket of your gloves, providing you with warmth for about eight hours.
  • electrically heated/battery-operated: Heated wires embedded throughout the gloves’ fabric are connected to a battery that can be recharged after use. Most electrically heated gloves offer different heat settings.

What are the key features of high-quality heated gloves?

If you’re looking for a good-quality heated glove, make sure that it ticks the following boxes:

  • Dexterity and fit
    Heated gloves should fit properly. They shouldn’t restrict the mobility of your fingers or limit your grip in any way. Wearing the glove, you should still be able to bend your hand into a fist. If you’re looking for better dexterity, you could also go for a lobster glove, for instance Therm-ic’s Power Gloves 3+1. It leaves the index finger free to increase precision and dexterity together with the thumb.
  • Protection against the elements
    Obviously, your heated gloves should keep you warm. That’s why they should be windproof as well as waterproof.
  • Battery life
    Electronically heated gloves usually offer between two and ten hours of heat.

Travel light: If you’re looking for heated gloves that are particularly lightweight, we recommend Therm-ic’s Power Gloves Light + or Power Gloves Ski Light. In need of something a bit warmer? Try Therm-ic’s Ultra Heat Gloves/Mittens!

What are the benefits of heated gloves by Therm-ic?

  • They provide comfort and warmth on long, cold winter days.
  • They give you effective protection against freezing fingers.
  • They are designed to handle extreme cold in mountain environments or at high altitudes.
  • They offer unlimited mobility and a firm grip.
  • They work with a small warmer or batteries, providing warmth for up to 10 hours.
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Do you usually prefer skiing in warmer temperatures but need a pair of really warm gloves for a special snow adventure? Then it might be a good idea to rent a pair of heated gloves for the occasion. 

At our INTERSPORT Rent shops, we offer a multitude of high-quality ski gloves, many of them heated. Our RENTertainers on site know all the product features and will be happy to recommend the most suitable gloves for your day in the snow!

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