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Tips on drying your ski boots

And why getting a ski boot dryer pays off
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Just imagine: a glorious day in the mountains. Pristine snow and perfect rides for hours on end. Your mission for the next day: Repeat yesterday! However, when you get ready to hit the slopes again in the morning, you are greeted by an unwelcome smell – and you quickly realise that it comes from your ski boots.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there before. Unfortunately, the number one reason for smelly boots is not having dried them properly. As your boot liners or socks trap moisture, they allow bacteria to grow. That’s because bacteria feed on the amino acids contained in your sweat. The whole business isn’t exactly appetising, but the good news is: There’s a simple solution to avoiding that rancid smell – drying your ski boots properly.

You don’t know how to do that? No problem, we have all the information you need – check out our A to Z of drying your ski boots properly!

How do you dry your ski boots after skiing?

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There are several ways to ensure that your ski boots dry properly:

  • Hang them on a hot-air rack.
  • Put them near a heat source (e.g., a radiator).
  • Use a heated boot bag.
  • Use boot dryers.

As boot dryers are arguably the most popular – and also the most convenient – option to dry your boots, we’ll have a closer look at them.

How do boot dryers work?

The idea behind boot dryers is simple: When connected to a power source, they release hot air. This hot air travels inside the boots, drying the liners.

Good-quality ski boot dryers combine strong ventilation with a heating element. This allows the gadget to blow hot air into both pipes of the dryer, optimising the air circulation and speeding up the drying process.

The best thing about it: Boot dryers are portable, meaning that you can take them with you on any day trip or ski holiday.


How do you use a boot dryer?

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Depending on the model you get, drying your ski boots will probably involve the following steps:

  1. plugging in the boot dryer and turning it on
  2. adjusting the time and temperature settings
  3. placing your boots on the drying tubes or inserting the boot dryer into the boot (depending on the model).
  4. letting them dry for a few hours

Our tip:

If you don’t have lots of time, you can also remove the liners from your boots and dry only those. This is usually quicker than drying the entire boot.

Why is a ski boot dryer worth getting?

As we said before, boot dryers are really convenient because they are portable and can be used practically anywhere. But that’s not all! Good-quality boot dryers usually offer all of the following benefits:

  • They dry your boots in only a few hours.
  • They are easy to use.
  • They are compact and silent.
  • They prevent bacteria growth.
  • They prevent unpleasant smells.
  • They help to avoid wear and tear.

Good to know: Boot dryers help you to keep up your performance on the slopes. How’s that? Your body consumes huge amounts of energy to keep your feet dry – energy which cannot be used to keep you warm and maintain your physical strength. Drying your ski boots properly overnight will not only restore their natural freshness but will keep your body from having to waste any energy.

Can I use ski boot dryers for other types of footwear?

The good news: Boot dryers cannot only be used for your ski boots – they are much more versatile than that! Many boot dryers adapt to a wide range of shoes and sizes..

You can use them for your ski boots, winter boots, après-ski boots and all other types of shoes. Plus, they also come in handy for drying your gloves!

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Should I dry my ski boots at the end of the season?

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Absolutely! Before storing your ski boots away for their “summer break”, make sure that they are completely dry. Wipe off any dirt and store them in a dry, cool location.


Even though a boot dryer will extend the product life of your ski boots, you might want to get a new pair from time to time. Unsure which ones to get? Then it’s a good idea to read our ski boot guide and then try different ones before buying.

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