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Buyers guide to heated insoles for ski boots

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Cold feet can cut even the most perfect ski day short. After all, just like your fingers, your feet and toes are particularly sensitive to temperature variations, as they receive less stimulation. Just think about it: When it’s cold, your feet can reach temperatures of 28 °C – which is a far cry from the 37 °C core temperature your body needs.

That’s why many winter sports enthusiasts who are prone to cold feet opt for a simple solution: heated insoles. These handy gadgets can not only prevent pain and cramping, they are also your secret weapon to extending your time on the mountain.

Sounds interesting? Find out more about heated insoles with INTERSPORT Rent and the industry expert for warm feet, Therm-ic!

Why should I use heated insoles?

Remember the 28 °C we talked about earlier? Your feet can easily get this cold – be it during skiing or because of a medical condition. For instance, Reynaud’s disease, a chronic circulation problem, can cause loss of feeling, tingling, cold feet or cold hands.

To maintain the core temperature as far as possible and fight the cold, your body’s temperature regulation system will stimulate blood flow. When you start to feel cold, this will send pain signals to your brain. As a result, more than 90 per cent of available energy will be used to warm up the affected muscles. The result: shivering, reduced muscle power and decreased endurance.

In fact, without heated insoles like those by Therm-ic, as much as 75 per cent of muscle power and endurance is lost!

© Focus Outdoor
© Focus Outdoor

How do heated insoles work?

Heated insoles like the Heat Flat or the Heat 3D by Therm-ic, instantly deliver the required heat to critical areas. Muscle power is restored, blood flow is stimulated, and your shivering will cease. This will not only benefit your well-being and endurance – full physical and muscular strength also means reduced risk of injury!

Heated insoles by Therm-ic feature ultra-fine heating elements that diffuse constant heat and quickly lead to an optimal foot temperature. This way, you’ll be back at full strength in no time at all!

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What should I look for when buying heated insoles?

When buying heated insoles, you should look for comfort, warmth, stability and breathability. The high-quality products of Therm-ic offer all of the above. Plus, they can be cut to size to fit your shoes for optimal hold.

Our top picks: If you’re looking for heated insoles for your ski boots, Therm-ic offers some great products. For instance, our RENTertainers recommend the following three ultra-warm insoles – all of them providing up to 17 hours of heat.

  • Heat Flat (comfort): a very thin heated insole with a high-quality heating element
  • Heat 3D (sport): heated insole with a 3D anatomical shape for perfect hold
  • Heat Kit (sport): ultra-thin heating elements to integrate into your insoles

Can I change the temperature and heat intensity of my heated insoles?

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Yes, with high-quality products you usually can. For instance, Therm-ic offers a free Heat control App to connect your Therm-ic products to your phone. It allows you to check and adjust the heat setting for your insoles in real time.

How long does the battery of a heated insole usually last?

Again, we have taken the high-quality products of Therm-ic as a reference. Have a look at the chart below to see the heating and charging times for their C-Pack batteries.

C-PACK 1000LI 8–9 h 4–4,5 h 2,5–3 h 4 h
C-PACK 1300 & 1300B 11–13 h 5–7 h 3–4 h 5–7 h
C-PACK 1700B 15–17 h 7–9 h 4–5 h 7–9 h


You don’t want to spend your money on heated insoles but would like to enjoy their comfort from time to time? Simply head to an INTERSPORT Rent shop near you and ask our RENTertainers on site for help!

They will be happy to recommend the best rental products and kit you out with the perfect heated insoles for your needs.

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