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Should you buy or rent skis?

Philippe Moreau
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Your own ski or snowboard equipment has seen better days? Your child has outgrown their skis? Are you new to the slopes and want to learn how to ski or snowboard? Are you switching from skiing to snowboarding – or vice versa?

In all these cases, you might want to ask yourself: Should I buy new gear or rent it? The answer requires some thought. Because your equipment is a deciding factor when it comes to safety and how much fun you have on the slopes.

In this article, we want to help you decide between renting and buying winter sports equipment. INTERSPORT Rent has summarised the advantages and disadvantages of both options for you. We’ll also tell you when it pays to get new gear.

A decision-making aid for the undecided

Whether renting or buying skis is the better option depends on several factors. For instance, how often and how well you ski – but more on that later. Let's start with the advantages of renting ski equipment. 

Ski rental: the advantages

You have more flexibility: Renting skis or a snowboard allows you to try out a new model every day while on ski holiday. One day you can try all-round carvers, the next day race carvers, and on another day sports carvers. Or how about giving snowbiking a try? A ski tour or cross-country skiing might be nice for a change as well … As you can see, ski rental offers you maximum flexibility, and you can decide on a day-to-day basis which winter sports adventure you are in the mood for.


You avoid transport problems: Too little space in your car. Having to mount an extra roof box. Checking in bulky luggage at the airport and having to pay extra fees for it. A lack of space on the train or bus. Lugging the whole family's equipment from the hotel to the ski lift …These are typical situations that you have to deal with when you go on a ski holiday – and they can all be avoided by renting your gear on site. Often, you’ll even find a rental shop right at the valley station or up in the mountains.  

You always have equipment that is as good as new: Ski rental shops usually provide you with the latest equipment and are always up to date when it comes to winter sports trends. You’ll have a choice between different manufacturers and brands. What's more, rental skis are always freshly tuned. Most rental companies have professional testing and tuning equipment to make sure your gear is in first-rate condition.

Are you new to renting equipment? No problem at all! Just read our article on “Ski rental for beginners: tips & tricks”!


Ski rental at INTERSPORT Rent

If you rent your winter sports equipment at INTERSPORT Rent, you will benefit from a number of additional advantages:

Easy online reservations: Do you want to make sure that the equipment you would like to rent is still available and avoid waiting times in the shop? Then you should book your equipment from the comfort of your home by making an online reservation in just three easy steps! Simply choose your location and the equipment you would like to get – and then pick it up on the day you arrive.

Worldwide availability: Our dealer network comprises more than 800 locations in 14 countries. This means that we are always right where you are – in the most beautiful ski resorts in Europe and Canada. Alongside expert advice and great customer service, you’ll also get top-notch equipment. What's more, most of our shops are located in the immediate vicinity of the local lifts and ski slopes.

High-quality equipment: We gear you up from head to toe, or in other words: from the ski helmet to your skis or snowboard. At INTERSPORT Rent, you can rent the latest sports equipment from leading international manufacturers, but that’s not all. We also offer winter sports clothing and accessories for the whole family – all from a single source. The best part: You decide in which price range you want to rent!

First-class service: The equipment you receive from us is always optimally tuned – thanks to the latest electronic testing equipment and tuning machines. All gear is carefully cleaned after each return. Our RENTertainers, our highly trained winter sports experts on site, are also responsible for applying the finishing touches. They make sure that your winter sports equipment is perfectly adapted to you, your skills, and the current snow conditions.

By the way: INTERSPORT Rent has more than just ski and snowboard equipment. We also offer equipment for ski touring and cross-country skiing, or funsports equipment such as monoskis, shortcarvers, snowshoes, sledges, and snowbikes. You can even rent helmet cameras at INTERSPORT Rent.


Additional services at INTERSPORT Rent

Depending on the country, location and season you want to rent in, we offer a number of additional services relating to winter sports and ski rental. For example:

  • ski depots: Store your equipment safely overnight.
  • Test & Buy*: Did you fall in love with your test skis or snowboard? You’ll have the option to buy them – minus the rental fee for up to 2 days. (*This option is currently only available at the shops in Austria).
  • family benefits: attractive offers, for instance, free equipment* for children up to 10 years of age if both parents rent skis or snowboards at INTERSPORT Rent. (*This option is currently only available at the shops in Austria.)
  • ski and snowboard tuning, ski boot fitting, benefits for regular customers, and more ...

When does it pay to buy equipment?

As you can see: The advantages of renting equipment are numerous. However, for some skiers and snowboarders, it can definitely be worth it to buy their gear or, at least, parts of it. Even if a purchase is more expensive at first – the investment pays off in the long run. Especially for frequent skiers, such as season ticket holders or hobby athletes who hit the slopes almost every weekend in winter.

Seasoned pros and winter sports enthusiasts with special wishes and needs are also well advised to have their own skis or snowboards. They usually know what to look out for and often tune their equipment themselves. In addition, some occasional skiers feel safer with familiar gear. It might even reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

On the other hand, if you go on a ski holiday with your family once a year, it is generally cheaper to rent equipment. Finally, it is important to remember that skis should be exchanged about every five years – or even more frequently for children. The costs for professional tuning services need to be taken into account as well if you have your own skis or snowboard.



We recommend: If you want to gradually buy your own equipment, start with your ski or snowboard boots. Making sure your boots don't pinch is always a good start.

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