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Ski trends of 2021: must-haves on the slopes

The latest equipment & ski fashion trends
Martin Bieswanger
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Snow and sunshine simply belong together for you? With mild temperatures on the horizon, you can't wait to pack your gear and hit the slopes for some springtime skiing? Then we have good news for you! The ski season isn't over yet – and our RENTertainers have kept their eyes and ears open for this year's hottest ski trends.

What will keep you ahead of the curve in 2021? Read on and become a trendsetter with INTERSPORT Rent!

Trend #1: Skis with optimum flex

Hard and robust for lots of stability – soft and flexible for perfect carving turns: Finding just the right degree of hardness in a ski is not that easy. No wonder big ski brands and renowned manufactures have been experimenting for years with materials ranging from Titanal and carbon to paulownia wood.

This season, several new models were developed featuring the latest technologies to create the perfect flex.

Trend #2: Ski boots with walk mode

These boots were made for walking ... Apparently, this also applies to ski boots! In the last few years, more and more boots with walk mode were brought onto the market. Their major shortcoming so far: On flat terrain and during après-ski, the "hybrid footwear" was quite convincing – but on the slopes, they didn't provide enough support.

This winter, however, some models come close to offering the perfect blend of skiing and walking!

Trend #3: Goggles with quick-change lenses

Sun, clouds, snow flurries: Nobody likes to get blindsided by sudden changes in weather – but with ski goggles that adapt to different light conditions, that's not a problem any longer.

The lenses can be changed depending on the visibility conditions using magnetic or click-on systems, and innovative new goggles with quick-change lenses prove that they can do a lot more than just look stylish.

Trend #4: Ultra-lightweight helmets

Sure, the most important thing about a ski helmet is that it offers optimal protection on the slopes and in the backcountry, and yet weight also plays an important role. If you spend an entire day in the mountains, you'll feel every extra gram.

Good news: Die-hard winter sports enthusiasts can choose from a particularly large selection of extremely lightweight helmets this season. What better way to stay level-headed!

Trend #5: Sustainability first

Sustainable ski jackets, ski bottoms or ski underwear: Eco-friendly clothing is definitely trending this season! A lot of customers now request sustainable and environmentally friendly sportswear – and many brands happily comply. After all, we'd better care about nature since it makes skiing and snowboarding possible in the first place, right?

Some brands even offer eco-friendly outerwear made from recycled polyester from plastic bottles or from organic sugarcane residue. Ski fashion from nature and for the purpose of conserving nature? Yes, please!

Trend #6: Urban outdoor fashion

It's obvious that ski and snowboard fashion has to be functional. But the fact that it is also worn as stylish urban streetwear is relatively new. Under the trendy name of "urban outdoor fashion", performance is combined with style this winter.

Ski fashion is no longer "just" sporty, it's also elegant, chic and trendy. The idea: You should be able to wear a ski jacket not just on the slopes, but also while walking around town. Whether you're going for monochrome or accent colours, colour-blocking style or the military look: With the ski fashion trends of 2021, you'll make heads turn both in the mountains and in the city.

Trend #7: Ski touring: from the backcountry to the slopes

Ski touring has been a trend since before 2021. In recent years, it has evolved from a niche sport to a mainstream activity. Almost everyone, no matter their age, seems to have hopped onto the ski touring bandwagon.  

By far the most popular version of it is touring on the slopes. With easy terrain and groomed runs, these tours are a great way to dabble in the sport. They are also perfect as an after-work tour. But keep in mind: Not every ski resort allows ski tourers on the slopes. Be sure to check in advance!


Whether it's ski goggles with quick-change lenses, a sustainable ski jacket or the latest skis with optimum flex – with INTERSPORT Rent, you'll always be a trendsetter on the slopes. Just drop by online or on site and rent the latest ski gear for spring!