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The ultimate boot fitting guide for ski boots

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Properly fitting ski boots are essential for your skiing experience. If you ever had to cut your day in the snow short because your feet hurt like hell, you know what we’re talking about.

In addition to all-day comfort, properly fitting ski boots provide you with thermal warmth, thus contributing to your overall performance. Nowadays, good-quality ski boots like Salomon’s S/PRO X100 GW have a great fit out of the box. But as we all know, every foot is different. And that’s why it sometimes takes a bit of tweaking to get your ski boots just the way you need them. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to customise your ski boots and achieve ultimate comfort and performance. So take a minute to read our boot fitting guide, drawn up in collaboration with the guys from Salomon!

Why should you customise your ski boots?

Your ski boots are the interface between you and the snow – making them crucial for a good skiing experience. Because remember: Even the most expensive, top-notch skis won’t help you if you have a sloppy boot fit!

A boot that is too tight will offer less warmth and be a lot more uncomfortable. On the other hand, a boot that is too roomy will give you poorer power transmission and control.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways to easily adapt your ski boots to your individual foot shape. Arguably the most effective of them is professional boot fitting.


What is professional boot fitting?

Custom boot fitting allows you to fine-tune your ski boots to your individual foot shape and size. State-of-the-art technologies like shapable plastics, foam injection or heat mouldable liners are used to achieve a custom fit. 

By adapting the outer shell, cuff, liner and insole of your ski boots, they can be widened or tightened as needed.

During a custom boot fitting, your feet will be measured by a professional. This involves the precise measurement of your feet’s length, width and volume.

Top reasons for getting custom-fit ski boots

Custom ski boots …

  • … ensure all-day comfort on the slopes.
  • … will give you better balance while skiing.
  • … will make it easier for you to initiate turns.
  • … can be tailored to particularly wide or narrow feet, as well as to feet with high arches.
  • ... are a great solution for feet that are two different sizes.

How can you improve the fit of your ski boots without professional boot fitting?

Custom boot fitting is not an option for you? Don’t worry, there are other ways to make your ski boots fit better …

Tip #1: Get a custom insole
Custom insoles stabilise the foot and ensure an even pressure distribution. They also make skiing more comfortable by reducing stress on your ankles and knees.

Tip #2: Upgrade your boot with a heat mouldable liner
Thanks to thermoformable materials, the liner of your ski boots can be customised to your foot shape. After being heated and softened in an oven, the liner is then moulded to the contours of your foot in a matter of minutes. By following the lines of your lower leg and ankle, this helps to eliminate pressure points.

Tip #3: Micro-adjust your boots
Most ski boots feature a number of components for quickly and easily adjusting the boot’s geometry. Fine-tuning the cuff alignment, forward lean and sole canting of your boot is an easy way to make your ski boots fit better. This will give you a more balanced and dynamic stance as well as all-day comfort on the slopes.

© Salomon / Louis Garnier

Even more tips & tricks for a better ski boot fit

  • Wear good-quality ski socks with excellent moisture-wicking properties!
  • Do not tuck your ski underwear into your ski boots – this can cause pressure points!
  • Do not overtighten the buckles!
  • Store your ski boots with the buckles closed so they keep their shape between seasons!


Still unhappy with the fit of your ski boots? There’s an easy solution! The RENTertainers at our more than 800 rental shops in Europe and Canada are true experts when it comes to ski boot fit.

From our vast selection of rental ski boots, they will know just what pair is best for you and help you adjust them to your individual needs. And why not rent a latest-generation pair of skis to go with them while you’re at it?

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