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BOA® Fit System: the revolutionary lacing system for ski and snowboard boots

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Hailing from the Rocky Mountains, the BOA® company has revolutionised the way we lace snowboard boots with its innovative BOA® Fit System. This ingenious innovation has streamlined the boot lacing process, making it a lot easier to tighten boots to the desired fit.

Unsurprisingly, it has now become a core feature in leading products across alpine skiing and many other sports.

The genesis of the BOA® Fit System

The BOA® Fit System was developed by BOA®’s founder, Gary Hammerschlag, who wanted to improve the snowboard boot lacing system. Collaborating with a team of clever minds, he gathered valuable insights from medical technologies and adapted them to meet his specific needs.

The effort paid off: After extensive testing and refinement of prototypes, the BOA® Fit System was created. It quickly gained widespread acclaim and popularity for its ease of use and the ability to provide a precision fit.

Today, the system is used for a variety of products – including ski boots, snowboard boots and helmets, to name just a few.

What is the BOA® Fit System and how does it work?

This dependable system, integrated into various products, ensures an optimal fit and effortless use. Once you become accustomed to it, you’ll likely never want to go back to traditional methods of lacing sports shoes or boots.

Snowboard boots with BOA® Fit System


Snowboarding was a key influence in the development of the BOA® Fit System, which seamlessly integrates into any boot design. The system’s most noticeable feature, at first glance, is its dial mechanism. The latest model, the H4 dial platform, excels in robustness, making it an exceptionally durable choice for use in snow parks and backcountry environments.

Equally significant, though less visible, are the strong yet lightweight laces and their guides. With low-friction lace guidance, these components work together to provide a secure and uniform fit around the foot.


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BOA®-powered Skischuhe

When developing the lacing system for alpine skiing, BOA® enlisted the expertise of world-renowned athletes like two-time Olympic champion Benjamin Raich. The outcome is a finely tuned system that ensures a precise fit with reliable heel support and exceptional ski control.

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The ski boots’ optimal fit is achieved through three key components:

  • H+i1 dial platform: The dial platform provides maximum impact protection and ultra-precise adjustment possibilities.
  • Laces: The tensile strength of the laces, exceeding 245 kg, ensures extraordinary durability.
  • Lace guides: These guides are used to regulate lace tension, ensuring the boot evenly wraps around the foot.

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How the innovative BOA® Fit System works

The popularity of the BOA® Fit System stems from its simplicity, though the exact mechanism can vary slightly depending on the model.

For the H4 system, used in the H series for snowboard boots, the steps are as follows:

  1. Press down the dial platform to engage the system.
  2. Turn the dial to tighten the laces.
  3. Pull on the dial platform to quickly loosen the laces.

With the H+i1 system, you can do the following:

  1. Press down the dial platform to engage the system.
  2. Turn the dial to either tighten or loosen the laces.
  3. Pull on the dial platform to release.

Helmets with BOA® Fit System

The innovative BOA® mechanism is also used in helmets, where achieving an optimum fit is crucial. The precision of the BOA® Fit System allows for adjustments down to the millimetre.

You’ll find the width adjustment dial inside the helmet. It can be effortlessly turned using just one hand.

Performance boost thanks to the BOA® Fit System

Scientific research indicates that the BOA® Fit System can enhance performance and also offers several other key benefits:

  • optimised pressure distribution and an even fit that can be micro-adjusted
  • increased responsiveness and improved power transfer
  • easier initiation of turns, with a 10 % improvement in power generation


Would you like to experience the comfort and performance boost of the BOA® Fit System firsthand? Good news: You can test its effectiveness on the slopes without having to invest in new equipment!

How? On your next snow sports day, simply visit your nearest INTERSPORT Rent shop and rent snowboard boots or ski boots equipped with the BOA® Fit System! If you have any questions about the gear, our RENTertainers will be happy to help.

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