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How to put on your snowboard boots

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If you ever had sore feet from ill-fitting snowboard boots, you probably agree that they are among the top things to ruin your day. That’s why it’s important to make sure that your boots fit properly.

Boot size, socks and lacing systems are all important to ensure a proper fit. Sounds interesting? Then read on to find out what INTERSPORT Rent and Salomon have to say about snowboard boots that feel comfortable throughout your day in the snow!

How do I know if my snowboard boots fit properly?

When you buy a new pair of snowboard boots, they should fit fairly tightly without causing any pain. That’s because most boots will only pack out after several days of riding. If your boots feel comfortable right out of the box, they might start to feel too large after a few rides.

In a properly fitting boot, your toes should just about touch the boot’s toecap. Make sure that you are able to wiggle your toes inside the boot.

What’s more, when you bend your knees, your heel should not slip. If you are prone to moving around in your boot, there are boot options with harness systems that make sure that your heels stay in place.



The three most important aspects when it comes to properly fitting snowboard boots are:

  • the width of the boot
  • the height of the toes
  • the heel area

Our tip: Choosing true-to-size boots is the best way to finding a proper fit. We recommend having your foot measured in store to make sure that your snowboard boots are perfectly adjusted to your foot shape.

What socks should I wear?

Your choice of socks plays an important part in boot fit, too. Good-quality snowboard socks can make all the difference, as they affect both your comfort and your performance.

Expert tip: Choose socks made of merino wool or synthetic materials as they keep you warm and have excellent moisture-wicking properties. Stay away from cotton socks – they offer poor moisture transport, leaving you with damp feet that quickly turn cold.


What lacing systems are there?

When you go shopping for snowboard boots, you can choose between three different types of lacing, each of them offering different advantages and disadvantages:

traditional lacing

  • snug and secure fit
  • tightness can easily be fine-tuned
  • easy to replace broken laces
  • can loosen throughout the day
  • tricky to adjust with gloves on

speed lacing (e.g. Salomon’s DIALOGUE boots)

  • fast entry and exit
  • easy to customise
  • secure fit
  • easy to adjust with gloves on
  • not easily repaired

Boa lacing (e.g. Salomon’s LAUNCH BOA SJ BOA boots)

  • quick entry and exit
  • super easy to adjust
  • easy to adjust with gloves on
  • precise micro adjustments
  • single fit throughout the foot

How do I put on my snowboard boots correctly?

Of course, how you put on your snowboard boots is largely determined by the kind of lacing system they have. However, there are a few general steps to ensure a proper fit:

  1. Loosen all laces and pull the tongue forward.
  2. Step into the boot.
  3. Make sure your heel is properly in place.
  4. Adjust the liner and tuck it in against your shin.
  5. Adjust your lacing system.
  6. Make sure your boots fit snugly without feeling too tight.
  7. Flex your ankles and tighten your laces some more.


Would you like to try out a new lacing system? Or are you looking for new snowboard boots but are unsure which ones to get?

At INTERSPORT Rent, we offer a vast choice of snowboard boots by leading manufacturers for rent. Our RENTertainers on site will help you adjust them to your individual needs so that they fit properly. They are also the ones to ask if you would like to know more about the different lacing systems!

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