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Fit for the slopes: How to train for the ski season

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You can’t wait for the ski season to start? Neither can we! But are you really ready for a long season of conquering powder runs? Are your legs up for a full day on the slopes or several hours of skinning up a mountain face?

If you don’t want to risk wobbly legs on the first day of the season, it’s time to get into shape! Together with the winter sports experts of Rossignol, we have compiled the best tips to train for the ski season.

Ready for your ski workout? Read on and improve your fitness!

Getting in shape for the winter season

Obviously, it makes sense to train the muscles you will be needing most during your days on the slopes. For skiing, the muscles most in demand are your thigh muscles:

  • the quadriceps
  • the hamstrings
  • the adductors
  • the glutes

In addition, it’s important to work on your abdominal muscles as they act as stabilisers during skiing. That’s why it’s essential to focus your training on your lower body and core to prepare for the ski season. To do so, there are a number of exercises that you can easily do at home.

Easy exercises you can do at home

… for your thighs and buttocks

  • Squats: Standing with your legs apart, bend your knees and contract your abs. Jump on the way up to increase the intensity and get your heart rate up. This also strengthens your calf muscles.
  • Lunges: With your feet apart, take a big step forward with one foot. The other foot stays behind. Now descend vertically until your front knee is level with your foot. Get down as low as you can. Then come back up and lean on your front leg to return to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg.

… for your quadriceps

  • Chair exercise: With your back against the wall, position yourself as if on a real chair: with a straight back, legs at 90 degrees, and feet well anchored to the ground. Hold this position and keep breathing until you feel a burning sensation in your thighs.
  • Rope skipping: This is a great exercise to build your quadriceps and work on your muscle tone. Plus, it’s easy to do wherever you are.
© Rossignol / Louis Garnier

… for your balance

© Rossignol / Louis Garnier

Balance is key when it comes to improving your performance on the slopes. Here’s an easy-to-repeat move to work on it:

  • Stand on one foot with the knee of the other leg raised horizontally and hold this position as long as possible. This will strengthen your ankles and improve your precision when skiing. To step up your game, try this exercise with your eyes closed.

… to relax your muscles

Stretching is an important part of your exercise regimen. To do so, stand with the heel of the leg you want to stretch on a chair in front of you. Try to touch your toes by bending over your leg while keeping your back straight.

Even more exercise: Get outdoors!

Tired of being stuck indoors? Good – because getting fit for the winter season works best if you combine your home exercises with some outdoor training. In particular, you should focus on activities that strengthen your cardiovascular system. After all, you don’t want to run out of breath during your first day on the slopes, right?

There are some great outdoor activities that stimulate the cardiovascular system, improve your stamina and increase your lung capacity. The best outdoor cardio workouts include ...

… cycling & mountain biking

Cycling will give your cardiovascular system a major boost. Plus, it also stimulates your metabolism. Generally speaking, cycling is a “gentler” activity than running, while also strengthening your buttock, thigh and calf muscles.

Mountain biking allows you to get your cardio up fairly quickly. The variation of terrain and slope will make your heart rate stronger. What’s more, it strengthens the muscles of the lower body as well as those of the upper body like your arms, back and shoulders.

© Rossignol / Louis Garnier

… running & trail running

© Rossignol / Louis Garnier

Trail running is a good way to improve your balance and proprioception. It helps to strengthen the stabilising muscles of the foot and ankles, gives you more agility and builds your deep thigh, abdominal and lumbar muscles.

… Nordic walking & hiking

Hiking benefits your pulmonary and cardiovascular health. The fresh air allows you to recharge your oxygen levels, which in turn improves blood circulation.

Still looking for the right equipment or outfit for your preferred activity? The outdoor experts at Rossignol not only offer great products for skiing and snowboarding – they also have some excellent gear for other outdoor activities such as those mentioned above! For instance, how about the R-EXP JACKET for hiking or RSC SHOES for trail running?

© Rossignol / Louis Garnier

Train with Rossignol’s On Piste app

Do you need a little help getting fit for the slopes? Rossignol offers a handy little app to track your sports activities and get in shape. After all, it always helps to have a follow-up of your activities, whether it’s mountain biking, hiking or Nordic walking.

Rossignol’s multisport “On Piste” app allows you to track your preferred sport and monitor your training progress. Our tip: On Piste is also great app to get into a new sport. Follow your friends and other athletes, be guided on a bike tour, or simply get inspired!


Are you already looking forward to the first ride of the season? Then how about renting some latest-generation equipment to get you in the mood for a great winter?

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