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Ski rental for beginners: tips & tricks

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At INTERSPORT Rent we know that renting skis has many benefits. For instance, it’s particularly convenient for first-timers to rent their equipment before actually having to buy an entire set. What’s more, INTERSPORT Rent ski rental is also great for families with kids or for advanced riders who want to test new skis. Read on to find out all that newbies need to know about ski rental.

What ski equipment is available for rent?

There’s a huge choice of equipment for rent. At INTERSPORT Rent, we take pride in offering everything you need for a perfect ski holiday:

  • skis
  • snowboards
  • boots
  • poles
  • helmets
  • touring skis
  • fun sports equipment (e.g. snowshoes, sledges, monoskis, snow bikes, …)

As you can see, there’s plenty to choose from!

The most popular items in our stock are classic carving skis that make it easy for you to cruise down the slopes. Of course, all of our rental skis are perfectly maintained, latest-generation products. What’s more, we also offer online rental of ski boots in all sizes. It goes without saying that all boots are cleaned and dried with state-of-the-art machinery after every use. During the last couple of years, ski touring has become increasingly popular. That’s why our INTERSPORT Rent shops also offer high-quality equipment for unforgettable ski tours.

If you’re looking for a fun alternative to skiing or snowboarding, we also have a great selection of fun sports equipment. For instance, how about a snow bike adventure or a bit of sledging fun with your friends or family?

A piece of advice: If you’re not sure whether skiing is the right sport for you, we definitely recommend renting your equipment first! After all, prices for buying a basic, good-quality set of winter sports equipment start at 800 euros. This makes ski rental an extremely useful and popular alternative for beginners and occasional skiers.

Is it possible to rent ski wear as well?

Yes, of course! We offer a large selection of high-quality ski jackets and trousers by renowned manufacturers to keep you and your loved ones warm. Again, our ski wear for children and adults is thoroughly cleaned and waterproofed after every use. After all, at INTERSPORT RENT we believe that quality always comes first! All of our jackets and trousers are wind- as well as waterproof. What’s more, they are breathable and offer perfect wearing comfort.

Heads up! Ski and snowboard helmets are a must for every winter sports athlete! No set of rental equipment is complete without this safe and stylish accessory.

Renting ski equipment online or offline ... What’s better?

We think it’s a great idea to rent your ski equipment from the comfort of your home. Why? Because …

  • ... you save money.
    Depending on individual retailer conditions, you get up an discount when booking your ski equipment online with INTERSPORT Rent.
  • ... it’s quicker.
    With an online reservation, there’s no need to fill in your details on site. Your equipment is already waiting for you, allowing you to hit the slopes right away.
  • ... you get exactly the equipment you want.
    Whether it’s rental skis or snowboards, clothing or helmets: When booking your equipment online, you can be sure that your favourite items from the Economy, Premium or Superior category are actually available.

How much does it cost to rent ski equipment?

Prices vary depending on the season, your rental location and the selected equipment category. Usually, prices start at 10 euros per day for a pair of skis from the Economy category.


Our RENTertainers make sure that even beginners start their snow adventure with the perfect equipment. Plus, you always get some useful insider tips on top.

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