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A buyer’s guide to choosing ski equipment for kids

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Your little ones are finally old enough to hit the slopes? Yay – get ready for some unforgettable family moments in the snow! But first things first: What equipment do you need for your kids to get the most out of their first skiing experiences? What are the must-have items for toddlers on the slopes, and what gear should you get for older kids?

Plus: What’s the better option: Renting or buying ski equipment for children? To find out all of this and more, dive right into our buyer’s guide for choosing children’s ski equipment!

The first ski equipment for your child

What to consider

Getting the right ski gear for kids can be a bit overwhelming. What equipment do first-timers really need? How do you choose the right skis, boots, goggles and clothing for them? The answer: It depends! Considering the age, height, weight and skill level of your kids, you will need different equipment to meet their needs:

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The perfect ski equipment for children …

… aged 2 to 3:

  • Skis: For toddlers, it makes sense to start with skates as they are easier to “walk” with and perfect for practising gliding on snow. 
  • Boots: For beginners, we recommend boots with only one buckle.
  • Poles: No poles needed at this point.
  • Accessories: a helmet and goggles or sunglasses

… aged 3 to 6:

  • Skis: Make sure the skis of your child are not too long as they are more difficult to manoeuvre. 
  • Boots: In this age group, you can go for boots with three buckles.
  • Poles: No poles needed at this point.
  • Accessories: a helmet and goggles
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… aged 7 and above:

  • Skis: At this age, you can start to work on your kid’s technique. It’s particularly important to get skis that are the right length for your child (10 to 15 cm shorter than their height). Depending on your child’s skill level, you can consider choosing skis that are only about 5 cm shorter from the age of 9 or 10. Those will be a bit more difficult to manoeuvre but allow for more competitive skiing.
  • Boots: Depending on your child’s size and skill level, you can choose from different boots.
  • Poles: At this stage, you can start using poles. When holding the pole, your child’s elbow should be at a 90-degree angle.
  • Accessories: helmet and goggles, optional: a junior dorsal for maximum protection
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Good to know:

For older kids taller than 1.5 m and heavier than 45 kg, you can switch to adult skis.

Getting the size right

Buying ski equipment for kids can be tricky. The right size skis, boots and poles are crucial for keeping up the little ones’ motivation. After all, skiing is no fun if you struggle to manoeuvre skis that are too long or if you get blisters from boots that are too small.

Having said that, “buying big” is not always the best option. Waiting for your kids to grow into ski gear that’s too big for them can often compromise safety. After all, a ski helmet can only truly protect your child’s head if it fits properly.

So what do you have to keep in mind when shopping for skis, boots or helmets for your little ones?

What’s better: renting or buying?

We all know that children grow fast. The new set of equipment you bought for them just last season might already be too small for them this winter. So what’s better: Buying new equipment every season or renting it on site, for instance from INTERSPORT Rent?

Considering that your child will probably need a new pair of skis and boots every winter, buying new gear can get quite pricy. If you live near a ski resort and hit the slopes almost every day during winter, it still may pay off to buy new ski equipment every season if you can afford it. For those who don’t want to shell out on a new setup every winter or who only go skiing occasionally (about two weeks per year), renting is an excellent option.

Did you know? Many stores also offer special trade-in systems or second-hand equipment at a great price.


Your kids have outgrown last season’s ski jacket? Don’t worry! At INTERSPORT Rent, we not only offer rental skis, boots and poles for children at an excellent price – we also have the right ski clothes and accessories to go with them!

Browse our large stock of functional ski jackets, pants and accessories and kit your little ones out for their next slope adventure. Our RENTertainers on site will be happy to assist!

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