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Ski gloves that keep your hands warm and dry

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We’ve probably all been there: You’re out skiing or snowboarding and despite wearing snow gloves, your hands are freezing. That’s because your hands and feet are furthest from your core – making them the first parts to suffer from the cold. 

To avoid your day on the slopes being cut short by cold hands, it makes sense to invest in a good pair of ski gloves or mittens. But what exactly makes a good pair of gloves? Which properties should they have? Read on to find out!

Choosing good-quality snow gloves

Whether you go skiing, snowboarding or cross-country skiing: High-quality gloves are essential items for any winter sports athlete. There is a vast choice of different brands and products out there – but which ones are actually worth their money?

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© Reusch

What qualities should ski gloves have?

Heat retention
Obviously, you want the natural warmth of your hands to stay inside the glove. That’s why you should look out for gloves with good heat retention. 

High-end gloves are usually made from waterproof fabrics to keep your hands from getting wet and cold. 

Windproofness is also a key aspect when it comes to choosing snow gloves. Special materials ensure that your hands stay toasty and dry.

Perhaps the most important quality is the breathability of your ski gloves. It ensures that any sweat or moisture inside your glove can escape, keeping your hands dry and comfortable. 

The weather also plays an important role in what properties your ski gloves should have. Do you primarily ride in low temperatures? Then the heat insulation of your gloves is more important than their waterproofness. Or are you a fan of spring skiing in warm temperatures? Then you might want to go for lighter gloves in which your hands don’t get sweaty.

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© Reusch

Our tip:

If your hands get cold easily, it’s obviously better to go for an extra-warm glove or even heated ski gloves. If you tend to have warm hands, make sure your gloves are extra breathable to avoid sweaty hands. By the way: Ski gloves will retain their properties longer with the right care. We have all the information on how to wash your ski gloves and mittens!

How do I find the perfect pair of gloves?

To ensure optimum performance, your glove should fit snugly while allowing for freedom of movement. Finding the right size is crucial. After all, too short gloves will give you cold fingers. On the other hand, if your gloves are too big, they won’t provide optimum grip.

Most manufacturers offer size charts to help you find the perfect glove for your needs. To find your size, you first have to measure your hands: 

  1. Use a tape measure or yarn.
  2. Measure your hand circumference at the widest part of the hand.
  3. Read the digits on the tape measure or measure the yarn with a tape measure and refer to the respective size chart.

Good to know: If you’re in between sizes, simply choose the one that feels more comfortable, depending whether you prefer a tighter or looser fit. Also keep in mind that you might want to use glove liners on the inside of your ski gloves. In this case, go for one size up.

And what about kids’ gloves? Especially for smaller kids, gloves sizes will not be measured by size but by age.

Short cuff or long cuff?

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As always, it depends on what you like. However, if you’re a freerider, a long cuff definitely makes sense to keep snow from getting inside your gloves.

If you’re an alpine skier, we recommend short cuffs. Especially for alpine ski racing, they are the better choice in terms of ergonomics and fit.

Gloves or mittens?

Again: It’s up to you! Both are a viable choice for winter sports, and it’s largely a matter of taste whether you prefer gloves or mittens. In general, mittens are usually a bit warmer as all your fingers are in one compartment. On the downside, they provide less mobility than gloves, making it more difficult to adjust your goggles or open zips.

Our tip: Three-finger mittens, also called lobster gloves, give you the best of both worlds – warmth and dexterity.


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