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Ski gloves or mittens – what’s better?

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There’s no doubt about it: High-quality equipment makes all the difference when you go skiing or snowboarding. However, it’s not just about the board(s). If you ever had to call a premature end to your ski day because your fingers were freezing, you will probably agree: Gloves are essential winter sports items, too.

But which are better: gloves or mittens? Which of the two keep your hands warmer? And which are the smarter choice for skiing? Find out with INTERSPORT Rent and the guys from Reusch

What’s the difference between ski gloves and ski mittens?

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The main difference between ski gloves and ski mittens is quite obvious: While gloves have individual pockets for every finger, mittens only have one chamber for your thumb and one for the rest of them. This makes them differ in two key aspects: dexterity and warmth.

Which are warmer: gloves or mittens?

This point clearly goes to mittens. As all fingers (except for your thumb) are in the same chamber, more warmth can be stored inside the mitten. In comparison, the separate finger pockets of gloves can only store the warmth of each individual finger.

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Which offer more dexterity: gloves or mittens?

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Obviously, it’s easier to hold poles or do up zips if your fingers are separate – so gloves are the winners in this category.

So what’s better: gloves or mittens?

Obviously, it depends on what you’re looking for, and there’s no right answer to this question.

If your main priority is warmth, you should go for high-quality mittens. Women and children, especially, often tend to get cold fingers, so for them mittens might be the better choice.

If you do activities that require excellent grip and dexterity or want to take pictures more easily, you might want to go for gloves.

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Are mittens suitable for skiing?

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Of course they are! If holding your poles with mittens feels awkward, you could try lobster mittens, which have a separate pocket for the thumb and index finger. For instance, the Reusch Highland Lobster is a great choice for freeriding. Alternatively, we recommend Reusch’s Master Pro for alpine skiing.

Your little ones are about to hit the slopes for the first time? Then the Reusch Ben Mitten is just perfect for keeping their little fingers toasty.

How do you find the perfect mittens?

One of the key factors in finding the perfect mittens for you is the right size. Mittens that are too big will make it harder for you to grab things. In addition, they require more body warmth to heat up the air space inside the mitten. On the other hand, mittens that are too small will feel uncomfortable and inhibit your movement. 

If you’re unsure what size to get, check out our size chart for gloves and mittens!

Apart from the right size, you should choose your mittens according to your priorities. Do you want them to be especially warm? Are you looking for a pair that is particularly waterproof or windproof? Plus, there are many mittens with special features, such as:

  • ThermoHoods™ by Reusch: a warm "hood" made of Dryfleece™ material for the fingertips, which are particularly sensitive to cold, providing additional warmth and comfort
  • Heat Capture System™ technology: special gaiter construction on the inside of the cuff that stores warmth and forms an impassable barrier to snow, wind and cold temperatures
  • Intelligent Heating Pocket™: a heating pocket deep inside the glove that allows external heating pads to be placed directly between two layers of insulation


Are you looking for a winter outfit that will optimally protect you from the cold? INTERSPORT Rent offers you a large selection of rental gear from leading manufacturers. 

In addition, our local RENTertainers are real winter sports experts and know what the best choice is for the current weather and slope conditions. Just drop by one of our shops!

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