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A perfect fit

How to find ski goggles that fit your face
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It’s a match! With ski goggles that truly fit, you’re all set for an unforgettable day in the snow. However, finding a pair that’s just perfect for you can be a bit tricky.

Do you know which size to get and what to look out for? And have you ever wondered which goggles go with which helmet? Find out all about ski goggles and how to choose a pair that fits your face with our buyer’s guide. Thanks to expert tips from INTERSPORT Rent and Oakley, your perfect (ski goggle) match is just around the corner!

How do I know what size goggles to get?

Obviously, everyone’s face is different. That’s why goggle fit is something highly individual, with the shape and size as well as the goggles’ padding and straps playing an important role.

Ski goggles usually come in the size options S, M and L. As a general rule, small-size goggles are designed for kids and youth (or small female faces), while size M works best for young 12+ riders, female faces and small male faces. Size L is for normal to large male faces. There are also Asian fit goggles for people with higher cheekbones and a low nose bridge.

To get a rough idea of what goggle size you need, it makes sense to measure your face before your first goggle purchase. Measure the width of your face (the space between both temples) and the depth of your face (from the middle of the cheekbone to just above the eyebrow) to see if you should start trying on size S, M or L goggles.

Did you know?
With Oakley goggles, the size is always included in the goggle’s model name, for instance, Flight Deck™ L or Target Line M.

© Oakley
© Oakley

Which ski goggles go with which helmet?

Your goggles don’t just need to fit your face – they also have to be compatible with your helmet! Why is that? Because only if your helmet and your goggles work together well, you can rely on them to feel comfortable and protect you.

Goggle Gap

For instance, you might have heard the words “gaper gap” or “goggle gap”. They refer to the space between your ski goggles and your helmet – which ideally should be minimal to non-existent. That’s because these gaps can result in frostbite and sunburns.

Modular Brim System

Oakley’s Modular Brim System makes it particularly easy to get a seamless connection between your goggles and your helmet. The interchangeable brims allow you to swap the brim to suit your helmet design, achieving increased compatibility.

What’s more, Oakley helmets also boast ventilation through the brim of the helmet. This allows the hot air to escape, preventing your goggles from fogging up. Plus, the goggle clip at the back keeps the goggle strap in place while riding. That’s what we call a perfect match!

Our tip

When you go shopping for ski goggles, always try them on together with your helmet!

© Oakley
© Oakley

How do I know if my ski goggles fit properly?

There are a few tricks to find out whether your goggles truly fit your face. First of all, your goggles should feel comfortable – that one’s pretty obvious. What’s more, you should always make sure that there are no air gaps between the foam and your face. The foam should follow the curvature of your face.

Here are a few tricks for solving the most common problems with goggle fit.

If your goggles …

  • … feel too tight on the eye sockets: This means that the goggles are too narrow for your face. Find a different model with a wider frame!
  • … pinch the bridge of your nose: Try to tighten the straps and get the goggles a little higher up. Alternatively, try a smaller product or one with a different bridge shape.
  • … cause a gap on the bridge of your nose: Loosen the strap to get the goggles lower down your face. If this doesn’t work, try a pair with a larger bridge.
  • … pinch your temples: Loosen the strap or try a wider product.


Haven’t found your perfect match yet? Don’t despair! The RENTertainers at our many rental shops around the world are true experts when it comes to ski goggles. They know just what it takes to find the perfect pair to fit your face.

Simply drop by at one of our more than 800 shops in Europe and Canada and have a look at our huge selection of rental equipment. Who knows, you might find not just great ski goggles there but also another perfect (product) match!

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