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Kit list for off-piste skiing

What to pack for a ski day in the backcountry
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A bluebird day is forecast for the weekend, and you’re planning to spend it in the backcountry? That’s great! The cherry on top: Our kit list for off-piste skiing might just be the thing you need!

Together with the mountain sports experts of Salomon, we have compiled a list of things to pack for a ski day in the backcountry.

Get prepared with our kit list of essential items for safety, survival and comfort away from the slopes!

What should you pack for your next off-piste adventure?

As we all know, one of the main concerns when it comes to backcountry skiing is safety. Venturing away from the groomed slopes comes with certain risks attached, for instance that of avalanches. So a standard set of avalanche safety equipment should be way up at the top of your packing list. But what else do you need?

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The right gear

Obviously, if you want to go off-piste skiing you will need the right equipment to handle ungroomed terrain and powder descents:

  • freeride skis, a freeride snowboard or splitboard (e.g. Salomon QST 106 skis or Salomon SIGHT board)
  • boots that are compatible with your skis or board
  • (freeride) ski poles 
  • ski goggles
  • a helmet (e.g. Salomon DRIVER Helmet)

Don’t forget

Depending on the type and difficulty of your chosen route, you might also need climbing skins or crampons.

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Functional clothing

To make the most of your day in the backcountry, you need clothing that keeps you warm and dry. The key to success: dressing in layers!

What you need

  • a moisture-wicking base layer (e.g. ski underwear and ski socks made from merino wool)
  • a breathable mid-layer that keeps you warm (e.g. a fleece)
  • an outer shell that protects you from the snow and wind (e.g. weatherproof ski jacket + ski trousers, for instance Salomon’s GRAVITY GORE-TEX ANORAK and EDGE PANT M)

Anything else? Yes, indeed! Don’t forget your gloves, hat and a change of clothes!


Safety equipment

As we said before: Safety is your number one concern in the backcountry. That’s why a standard avalanche safety kit is your best friend away from the slopes.

Make sure to get a good-quality …

Stay safe

Depending on the difficulty of your route, you might also want to consider taking an avalanche airbag with you. Additional protective gear such as a back protector can also prove useful.

© Salomon

What you need

A backpack:

  • with a volume of 18 to 32 litres
  • with straps for carrying skis
  • optionally, an avalanche airbag

Navigation equipment:

  • a map, route description or guidebook
  • a compass or GPS
  • alternatively, a multifunction watch with altimeter

Sun protection:

  • sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • sunglasses

Did you know? At higher altitudes, the risk of snow blindness increases, so be sure to protect your eyes!


  • headlamp
  • flashlight
  • extra batteries
  • matches or lighter

First aid & repair kit:

  • first-aid supplies
  • knife or multi-tool
  • duct tape
  • ski wax

Emergency shelter:

  • tent
  • tarp
  • bivvy
  • reflective blanket

Food & drinks:

  • snacks like sandwiches, power bars, nuts, etc.
  • plenty of water or tea

Personal objects:

  • wallet
  • camera
  • fully charged mobile phone

Our tip

If possible, pack your backpack on the evening before your trip. This gives you enough time to double-check your equipment and makes for a relaxed start of your backcountry adventure.

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