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Renting cross-country skis – it’s as easy as that!

Martin Bieswanger
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Cross-country skiing is a wonderful sport: It’s a whole-body workout, you’re out in the fresh air – and the Nordic sport is a great alternative to skiing.

Sounds good, but you don’t have the necessary equipment to hit the trails? No problem! We’ll tell you what kind of equipment you need and how you can test it without having to spend a fortune. Read on to find out more!

What kind of cross-country ski equipment do you need?

Do you know what equipment you need for Alpine skiing? If your answer is “skis, bindings, boots and poles”, you’re also set for cross-country skiing. After all, the basic equipment for both sports is pretty much the same, plus clothing and safety equipment.

However, that’s about all that Alpine skiing and cross-country skiing have in common. When it comes to materials, ski length and fit, cross-country equipment differs significantly from the gear you need for Alpine skiing.

Choosing the right cross-country skis for your needs

Before choosing a pair of cross-country skis, you first have to settle for a cross-country technique. After all, you need different skis for classic and skate-style cross-country skiing. What’s more, the right ski length is also important, with the general rule being: The more experienced you are, the longer your cross-country skis can be.

Have a look at our magazine article on the right length for cross-country skis to find the perfect product for your needs!

Read the article now!

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Choosing the right length cross-country poles

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Size doesn’t only matter when it comes to your cross-country skis – it’s also an important factor when choosing your poles. After all, you’ll need perfectly sized poles to propel yourself forward on the trails.

Our tip:

Although we can’t measure the perfect pole length for you, we can give you a few tips in our magazine article about calculating the right pole length. If you need some expert advice, visit an INTERSPORT Rent shop near you – the staff there will be happy to assist!

Find a shop near you!

Finding cross-country ski boots with a perfect fit

Locking into your bindings, your cross-country ski boots are an essential connection between you and your skis. A good fit is paramount for a smooth power transmission.

To avoid choosing cross-country boots that pinch, read our magazine article about cross-country ski boots that fit perfectly!

Find out more in our blog!

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Dressed for the trails

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Dressing in layers is the key to great cross-country skiing experiences – find out more about it in our guide for finding the perfect cross-country ski outfit!

If you’re an experienced ski tourer with all the necessary clothing, you can skip the outfit research. Your ski touring gear is also suitable for the cross-country trails.

By the way

A perfect cross-country outfit also includes socks, a scarf, gloves, a headband or woolly hat and maybe even a special cross-country belt. Plus: Don’t forget your helmet! After all, safety always comes first!

How to dress for your first cross-country skiing adventure

Renting cross-country skis and accessories

A convenient option

There are several good reasons for renting your cross-country skiing equipment. For instance, if you only want to give cross-country skiing a try to see if you like it, it makes sense to rent your gear. What’s more, renting is a great option for testing different sizes and models. Plus, it’s the perfect choice for those who want to travel light.

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Renting cross-country skiing equipment


The INTERSPORT Rent network encompasses more than 800 shops in 14 countries. At some of these locations, you can rent your cross-county skiing equipment in just a few easy steps:

  1. Choose a location 
  2. Enter the rental period 
  3. Enter the number of people you need rental equipment for
  4. Select a shop you want to rent from
  5. Select the respective category to see if any cross-country equipment is available for your selected dates and add it to your cart (You can also select additional services such as insurance during this step)
  6. Enter your personal details to complete your reservation

And that’s all! At INTERSPORT Rent, cross-country skis usually come in a set, complete with bindings, poles and boots. Our RENTertainers have taken great care in compiling these sets, with all the pieces perfectly matched. The result: You can pick up a set that suits your individual needs.

Prices depend on the date and duration of your rental. However, the price for a cross-country skiing set is usually around 11 euros per day.

Our tip: If you pay in advance, you get a 10 per cent discount on the rental price. With the money you save, you can reward yourself with a hot drink after your cross-country session.

Rent now!

Additional rental services

If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend taking out our full insurance package. This package covers all costs in case of theft or damage, without excess. 


Hit the trails!

You have booked your cross-country skis and gear and assembled your outfit? Then it’s time to hit the trails! INTERSPORT Rent wishes you lots of fun during your cross-country adventure!

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