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Goggle lens guide

What to keep in mind when choosing lenses
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As you may have noticed, ski goggles come in a great variety of tints. And that’s not just so you can match them to the colour of your ski outfit! The different tints filter colour and light in different ways. Some are better in bright sunshine, others give you sharper contrast in cloudy weather.

Find out more about what colour lens you should get in our blog article! To give you a comprehensive overview of goggle lenses, we contacted the guys at Oakley for some recommendations. After all, they are true experts when it comes to eyewear …

Black, yellow, red, blue – which lens colour is best?

You might have guessed it: There’s no short answer to this question. As said before, different tints are suitable for different light situations. So it really depends on the weather conditions you’re most likely to ride in.

Are you a spring skier who mostly hits the slopes in sunny weather? Or are there mainly overcast days at your usual ski resort? Of course, there are good goggles for all-purpose use (such as Oakley’s Fall Line L Snow Goggles), but the better you can pinpoint your riding conditions, the better your goggles will work.

In general, you can say that darker lens tints are ideal for bluebird days while yellow or rose-coloured lenses work best in low light conditions. However, to find the perfect ski goggles, you should also take into consideration things like the VLT – which we’ll get to later on.

© Oakley
© Oakley

What are contrast-enhancing lenses?

Contrast-enhancing lens technology allows you to see every detail in the snow. Specific dyes filter out certain colours while enhancing others. Each brand has its own technology, with Oakley’s PRIZM technology being one of the most renowned.

PRIZM lenses can generally be worn in darker light conditions compared to non-PRIZM lenses since they pull out more contrast in the snowy landscape. They maximise blue and orange, as these are the two colours our eyes catch best in snowy landscapes (and not white, as you might have thought!).

What is the VLT value?

VLT is short for “visible light transmission”. It refers to the amount of light that passes through your snow goggle lens. It is measured as a percentage and is affected by things like colour and coatings.

The higher the VLT number on a product, the lighter the lens. This means that higher VLT values are suitable for cloudy days, while a lower VLT is perfect for bluebird conditions.

© Oakley

When do I use a tinted lens and when a transparent one?

Generally speaking, tinted lenses can be worn in all weather conditions. What’s crucial is the lens base you have. For instance, Oakley offers great PRIZM lenses with tints like Torch, Black, Jade, Sapphire and Grey for sunny conditions. If you prefer non-PRIZM lenses, Oakley also has Grey or Fire lenses for sunshine skiing.

Our top picks for sunny weather: Oakley’s Flight Deck™ M Snow Goggles and their Line Miner™ M Snow Goggles. For foggy weather, the guys at Oakley recommend a PRIZM Persimmon, clear, HI Pink or PRIZM Rose lens. The non-PRIZM alternative would be the Persimmon.

Our top picks for overcast weather: Oakley’s Target Line S Snow Goggles and their Fall Line L Snow Goggles.

Can I swap lenses?

© Oakley

Many ski goggles on the market have interchangeable lenses. There are many pros and cons to single and multiple lens use. The biggest advantage of interchangeable lenses: You can easily swap them if the weather takes a turn.

If you’re looking for high-quality ski goggles with interchangeable lenses, you’ll be glad to hear that all Oakley goggles are built to exchange the lens.

Why should you purchase ski goggles by Oakley?

As you have noticed, there has been quite a lot of talk about Oakley ski goggles in this article. That’s because their products offer a series of advantages when compared to other products.

Oakley ski goggles …

… are available in a variety of tints.

… have anti-fog treatment.

… feature silicon on the goggle strap.

… have three-layer foam to ensure perfect comfort and fit.

… are OTG compatible.


Whether you’re looking for ski goggles by Oakley or any other brand – INTERSPORT Rent offers a vast choice of products.

Lens tints are available for different weather situations, and the RENTertainers on site will be happy to recommend the best products for the prevailing conditions at the resort. Simply drop by and take your pick!

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