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HELLY TECH® outerwear

Designed for the harshest conditions
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If you have been looking for an outdoor jacket lately, you will probably have come across the name HELLY TECH®. The fabric technology by Norwegian brand Helly Hansen has made quite an impact in the outdoor sports world.

Primarily featured in high-quality outdoor jackets, the waterproof and breathable fabric construction ranks up there with the best technologies on the market. But what is this fabric technology all about? What makes it stand out from the rest, and why should you spend your hard-earned money on a HELLY TECH® garment?

INTERSPORT Rent asked the experts at Helly Hansen what makes their technology so special and has compiled the key facts about HELLY TECH® for you.

What is HELLY TECH®?

HELLY TECH® is a waterproof and breathable fabric technology. Its special membrane construction keeps out water molecules, while allowing sweat vapour to pass through. This means that garments featuring HELLY TECH® keep you dry from the outside and comfortable on the inside.

The technology was created by Norwegian outdoor brand Helly Hansen in collaboration with professionals and is used in many of their garments. Its purpose: to provide weather protection and breathability.

© Helly Hansen / Cam McLeod
© Helly Hansen / Cam McLeod

How does the HELLY TECH® technology work?

HELLY TECH® is a tough weatherproof outer layer designed for the harshest conditions. Basically, it’s a combination of three different layers:

  • a DWR treated outer fabric that is windproof and water-repellent
  • a waterproof and breathable membrane or coating
  • a highly breathable inner fabric, mesh or lining

The unique construction combines a microporous membrane with a hydrophilic lining. While the microporosity allows for water vapours to move to the outside, it prevents bigger droplets from rain or snow from passing through. The hydrophilic lining also helps the water vapour to quickly escape to the outside.

What are the benefits of HELLY TECH®?


  • … water-repellent. A Polymer Polyurethane (PU) based membrane gives softness and stretch to the fabric, while the coating allows waterproofness and breathable qualities.
  • … a waterproof and breathable membrane. Depending on their purpose, HELLY TECH® garments either come with hydrophilic barrier membranes or microporous membranes. Working on an osmotic principle, the hydrophilic barrier prevents salts from blocking the pores, while the microporous membrane keeps larger droplets from rain or snow from passing through.
  • … fully seam-sealed. The seams of HELLY TECH® garments are taped over with a waterproof ribbon or glue. This prevents water from entering the small gaps between the stitches of the seams.

What are the HELLY TECH® performance levels?

Depending on the weather conditions, there are three different types of this technology, called performance levels.

  • HELLY TECH® Protection
    Fully waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics and constructions. They are suitable for all situations and weather conditions.
  • HELLY TECH® Performance
    Highly waterproof and extra breathable constructions for highly challenging, changing and unpredictable weather conditions.
  • HELLY TECH® Professional
    Extremely waterproof and breathable constructions for highly aerobic, extremely wet or unusually long-lasting activities in extremely harsh conditions.

For which products is HELLY TECH® used?

HELLY TECH® is used in numerous Helly Hansen products, for instance in most of their ski clothing. Depending on the purpose, the garments boast either HELLY TECH® Performance or HELLY TECH® Professional.

If you’re looking for a high-end ski jacket with HELLY TECH® Professional, INTERSPORT Rent recommends the SWIFT 3L Shell Jacket. Alternatively, the Kickinghorse Jacket is a great insulated jacket featuring HELLY TECH® Performance. Both are a perfect choice to brave the elements.

© Helly Hansen / Cam McLeod
© Helly Hansen / Cam McLeod


Under the HELLY TECH® Professional umbrella, Helly Hansen has launched an exciting new technology: LIFA INFINITYTM. What makes this development so special is the fact that the membrane is produced without the use of chemicals. LIFA INFINITYTM is a responsible, professional-grade waterproof and breathable technology without any added PFCs, making it both innovative and sustainable.

In addition to LIFA INFINITYTM there’s also LIFA INFINITY PROTM. The difference between the two? LIFA INFINITYTM is an infinity membrane with an outer fabric of recycled polyester and a PFC-free DWR. LIFA INFINITY PROTM, on the other hand, is an infinity membrane with an outer fabric made from 100% LIFA® fibers (polypropylene), which have inherent water-repellency properties.

Sounds interesting? If you’re looking for a high-quality outdoor jacket without chemical treatments, you might want to have a look at Helly Hansen’s Odin Mountain Infinity Shell Jacket or their Elevation Infinity 2.0.


You would first like to put the qualities of HELLY TECH® to the test before actually buying a jacket? At INTERSPORT Rent, you can rent a number of high-quality Helly Hansen products to stay warm and comfortable in the snow.

Don’t hesitate to ask the RENTertainers on site for their top picks – they will be happy to share their expert knowledge with you!

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