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How to clean your ski goggles

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It’s a blue-bird day, and you’re ready to hit the slopes. You zip up your jacket, put on your goggles – and realise that they’re full of smudges. So instead of carving your first turns in the snow, you’re stuck having to clean your goggles first. 

If you’ve been there before (as we all have), you know that dirty ski goggles are among the top things that can ruin your ski day. 

But how do you properly clean your ski goggles? Is giving them a quick wipe with your t-shirt really a good idea? INTERSPORT Rent has teamed up with ATOMIC to give you the lowdown on how to clean your ski goggles.

Can’t I just clean my ski goggles like I would my sunglasses?


Unfortunately, no. High-quality ski goggles, such as ATOMIC’s Revent Stereo OTG or Four Q HD are much more delicate than sunglasses because their lenses are more flexible. What’s more, the interior lens usually has an anti-fog coating, which prevents your goggles from fogging up. Improper cleaning can quickly damage this coating and, consequently, render your goggles useless.

Getting started: What materials should I use to clean my ski goggles?

The best idea is to use the manufacturer’s cleaning cloth provided with your ski goggles. Alternatively, you can also use a high-quality microfibre cloth. Don’t use your t-shirt, a towel or paper towels to clean your goggles, as these may scratch your lens or leave lint on it.

Rule number 1: Only use additive-free water to clean your goggles! Household cleaners or chemical additives can result in anti-fog and anti-reflective coatings being damaged.


How exactly do I clean my ski goggles?

Cleaning your ski goggles is not rocket science, but there are a few things you should consider:

  • Do not rub your lens when it is wet! This may rub off the reflective mirror finish or scratch the lens. To start off, shake your goggles to remove as much snow or water as possible.
  • If there’s ice on your lens, put it inside your jacket to warm it up first.
  • If shaking off the excess water doesn’t do the trick, blot – don’t wipe! – your goggles with the cleaning cloth. Blotting ensures that you don’t rub dirt into the lens.
  • As we said before, only clean your goggles with water and a special cleaning/microfibre cloth.
  • Only ever clean the outside of your goggles! Again, the inside of the lens is super-delicate and can easily be destroyed. If you absolutely have to clean the interior, use only a small amount of warm water.
  • After cleaning, allow your goggles to air-dry.

What can I do if I have damaged my anti-fog coating?


Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do once the inside of your goggles has been ruined. If the damage is only minimal, you can try using an anti-fog spray. However, this will most likely only be a temporary fix. If this doesn’t work, you could purchase replacement lenses – or, ultimately, new goggles.

What else can I do to keep my goggles in good shape?

In addition to proper cleaning, keep in mind the following goggle care tips:

  • Don’t store your goggles in extreme cold or heat! This also means you shouldn’t leave them in your car overnight.
  • Let your goggles dry before putting them away! If you store them wet, this will have a negative effect on their performance and product life.
  • Putting cold goggles on your warm face can result in fogging. Make sure you let them warm up first!


You’re looking for new ski goggles? At INTERSPORT Rent, you can rent top-of-the-line ski goggles such as ATOMIC’s Count 360° HD or Revent Q Stereo. Simply drop by at one of our rental shops – many of them right by the slope – and take your pick! 

The RENTertainers on site are happy to help you find the best goggles for the current snow and light conditions. Plus: You won’t have to clean our rental goggles first, promise!

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