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Skiing fun in the Vosges Massif

INTERSPORT Rent in Vosges: first-class ski rental

The Vosges Massif is located in the east of France and is made up by several low mountains. They extend across roughly 180 kilometres along the west side of the Rhine valley, from Belfort to Saverne. The highest peak is the Grand Ballon at 1,424 metres. Part of the area has been protected since 1976: the Northern Vosges Regional National Park. For skiing in the Vosges Mountains you'll need great equipment, so why not stop by at INTERSPORT Rent.

4 INTERSPORT rental shops found in Vosges
Location: 85 boulevard de la Jamagne, 88400 GERARDMER
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Location: 5, place de la Gare , 67220 VILLE
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Location: Lotissement Belle Hutte, 88250 LA BRESSE
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Location: 17, quai des Iranées, 88250 LA BRESSE
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Characteristic of the Vosges mountains are its round-shaped peaks and thick forests. The mountain range stretches across 180 kilometres from Belfort to Saverne and is divided into the Northern Vosges and the Upper Vosges. Steep and gentle slopes are provided, so that professional skiers as well as beginners will find lots of suitable slopes.

INTERSPORT Rent has 3 branches on site and provides you with professional kits. It doesn't matter whether you need skis, a snowboard, ski sticks, a helmet or the whole kit, makeINTERSPORT Rent your first point of contact.

Skiing in a unique landscape: in the Vosges Mountains

Compared to the Alps and the Pyrénées, the Vosges mountain range has a gentle and smooth appearance due to its round-shaped peaks. No wonder its highest peak is named the Grand Ballon. 60 percent of the mountain range is covered with forests and there are some waterfalls and glacial lakes, too. The Massif is divided into the Northern Vosges and the Upper Vosges. What is especially fascinating about Vosges is that the slopes on the Alsatian side are steep, whereas the slopes on the Franche-Comté are quite gentle. Therefore, professionals as well as newbies will get their money’s worth.

Rent equipment for skiing in the Vosges Massif

It goes without say that if you need equipment, pay a visit to one of the 3 INTERSPORT Rent shops in the Vosges Massif. Even if you do own a kit, you might want to consider renting one, because INTERSPORT Rent has some great deals and benefits in store for you. Find out more about INTERSPORT Rent in the Vosges Massif and rent your equipment for skiing or snowboarding on site!

Facts and USPs

• Round-shaped peaks

• 60 percent covered with forests

•Gentle and smooth appearance due to its round-shaped peaks