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Ski rental Waltensburg/Vuorz - convenient, simple, good

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A dream come true, not only for skiers: Waltensburg/Vuorz skillfully combines cozy atmosphere with active experience. Thanks to its location on a high plateau on the southern front of the Rhine Valley, Waltensburg/Vuorz offers a mountain panorama at its best.

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Location: Talstation Péz d'Artgas, 7158 Waltensburg/Vuorz
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A variety of restaurants, accommodations in all price categories, an attractive range of different types of winter sports and excellent service institutions, such as the ski rental of INTERSPORT Rent, make Waltensburg/Vuorz a holiday spot par excellence - a perfect mix of relaxation and action.

Quaint old cottages and breathtaking scenery are the characteristics of Waltensburg, called Vuorz in retroromanic language. However, the special attraction of Waltensburg are the varied opportunities for winter sports that make this place a unique holiday destination.

Waltensburg/Vuorz: best ski rental at best pistes

The slopes of the ski resort are extra wide and perfectly prepared. Skiers of every ability level can thoroughly let off steam on a total of 37 km of pistes. State-of-the-art snow-making machines ensure that the pistes in Waltersburg/ Vuorz are always covered with just the right amount of snow. In order to make sure that you´re safe on piste, get adequate equipment at the ski rental in Waltensburg/Vuorz!

Beginners are best equipped by ski rental Waltensburg/Vuorz

Waltensburg is a skier's paradise in a class of its own: Skiing fun is guaranteed on up to 37 kilometres of ski slopes. Pay also a visit to the ski school with its own areas in Waltensburg/Vuorz. Here newcomers will surely discover their passion for skiing. Skiing beginners are well equipped  when they rent their kit at one of the#{shopsCounter}# rental stations of INTERSPORT Rent in Waltensburg.

Ski rental in Waltensburg/Vuorz: first-class in every winter sports discipline

You can satisfy your need for movement on 36 kilometres of winter hiking trails: not only walkers love Waltensburg/Vuorz, there are also several trails for Nordic Walking, children sledding and cross-country skiing. No matter which activity you choose, charming Waltensburg/Vuorz will captivate you. At the #{shopsCounter}# ski rental stores of INTERSPORT Rent, the adequate equipment is ready for you. As a bonus, you will obtain tips from the team which is composed of experts on winter sports and ski rental in Waltensburg/Vuorz.

Do you want to learn more about buying or renting your ski equipment? Then give a visit to INTERSPORT Rent in Waltensburg/Vuorz . The well-trained professional team takes care of  your inquiries!

Facts and USPs

Versatile winter sports offers

10 modern lift facilities,, four especially for kids

Manifolded gastronomy with numerous bars and restaurants